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Internship Experience at Gupta Law Associates, Ahmedabad: Court Visits, Variety of Cases, Making Case Briefs

By: ananyanair | October 7, 2019

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

Gupta Law Associates, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

About the Organisation

Gupta Law Associates was formally known as Trivedi and Gupta Associates. The litigating firm mostly handles matters of the High Court of Gujarat.

Office: The Chambers Building 1st Floor, S G Road, Nr Grand Bhagwati, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad, Gujarat- 380054

Student Name, College and Year of Study



15th May 2019 to 15th June 2019

Application Process

I simply googled the contact details of the firm and subsequently called them. Whereafter I was made to send in my CV.

Phone Numbers +91 79 26854434/+91 9825325542

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

I was introduced to everyone in the office and was given a very warm welcome. I was also assigned a place with the other interns which gave me a sense of belonging.

Main Tasks

In this internship, I was given tasks such as, to sit in various conferences, write running notes and understand the dynamics of a lawyer-client relationship practically, apart from that, I was made to attend the High Court, and observe and maintain notes of the progress of the cases handled by the firm.

I was always given the brief or case file a day in advance and made to research for the same, with regards to the applicability of the law and its loophole and exception, as well as the judgements, most relevant to our contentions, I was even given the
opportunity to learn how to draft notice and the reply to a notice.

After I got well acquainted with the way the office functioned and the system, I was even made to understand how briefs were drafted and took part, assisted a junior advocate with the same

Good Things

There was a major emphasis to use books, that is Bare Acts and Commentaries for research, and in the process, I learned how to find accurate and relevant material, for the work allocated to me.

On Fridays or Saturdays, based on the schedule, the interns would get an opportunity for an informal interaction with the advocates, wherein, we would tell them about the work we’ve done and our experience and what we learned, we were also made to give our feedback, and asked about what we would like to learn and do.

When we were personally allotted some work, it was expected of the concerned intern to make a detailed and proper document, and explain it to the advocate/advocates in charge of the same

Bad Things

There were no bad things as such about the internship. I would have personally preferred if refreshments were provided for the interns, but besides that, I felt it was a very rewarding experience.


No stipend

Accommodation Commute

I live in the same city so accommodation and commute was not an issue.

Other Info

It was a humbling experience, and I definitely gained knowledge which would help me throughout my career. The other interns and I would head down during the break time provided to us as there were open spaces and shops on the highway to sit down and relax.

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