Internship Experience at Ganesh and Co, Mumbai: Great Work Environment

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Name of the Intern, Year of Study, College 

Rijuka Naresh Jain, 4th Year B.L.S. L.L.B., Advocate Balasaheb Apte College of Law. 

Name of the Organization and Its Full Address 

Ganesh and Co. – 104, Vikas Premises Co-op. Society, 11, G Vaidya Rd, Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001 

Duration of Internship 

4th February, 2021 to 3rd May, 2021 (3 months) 

How did you Apply? 

I had sent my resume through email to and it got selected. I had applied at 7 in the morning and by 8:30 in the morning on that same date I received a reply and they asked me to join from the very next day. I was astonished when I saw that they were this quick at giving me an internship. 


Being a third year law student, I realised that some practical experience when you are studying is important because the theoretical knowledge which one gets from the books of their university is not that helpful. One needs some practical knowledge before they enter practicing.

There were several other places where I had interned in the past years, but this one just gave me a perfect insight of how litigation works. I decided that I wanted to join Ganesh and Co because they deal with a variety of fields in law and it was helpful for me to gain an insight about several different laws at one place itself.

The purpose was to visit the courts so that I could learn how the advocates argue, what all things have to be included in an argument, which ones are not required and how they mould themselves to win a case. 

The main reason behind such an internship was to learn the manner in which the documents have to be prepared for a matter in the court and how to prepare them. What all you have to write in that short span of time. The practical knowledge which the Sir has is just beyond our thinking. In just a few seconds he can tell us what to look for and what the solution shall be. He is quick on his toes and has taught me how to be quick on my toes.

I wanted to develop my communication skills and analytical thinking which was possible here. I can argue without any hesitation. Developing leadership skills is one of the essential skills one needs and I could inculcate that in me too. I always thought that without an advocate’s advice, one cannot do it and I was right, I couldn’t have done it without their guidance. 

My purpose was to learn how the information should be gathered from the accused, the defendants, the plaintiffs, the victims, and even the witnesses. How to prepare a witness by asking them some questions, encouraging them to always tell the truth and moreover, to learn the basics of legal research and how to take the initiative for any work that has been assigned.

Moreover, how to develop skills of dealing with different types of people and cases because in the legal profession the caste, creed, colour does not matter for an advocate the thing is to try their best for providing justice to their clients and to understand the legal system. 

The purpose of an internship is to familiarize the student with the implementation of the knowledge which they learned in their books. From this internship, I observed that the Practical knowledge is just different from the theoretical one, which a student receives at an institute and from their books.

During this internship, I learned a lot about how the court works, what all rules and regulations have to be followed, what all documents are required to file a case, and fight a case. I was told that I had to go in depth in every subject and this report is an overview of the things which I have learned.

Information in this internship report is collected from the things I learned during my internship with the working procedure and the report focuses on some important aspects of the law and the legal sector which I got through the internship period. 

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression 

About the Organization

The practice of organization was completely based on litigation. It deals with criminal, civil, property, maritime and many other matters. 

The Firm was at Fort, just above Jimmy Boy. I was asked to reach the office at 10 a.m. I was just on time. The person at the reception took me to Shiv Sir as Suraj Sir was busy with some work. Shiv Sir introduced him and then asked me a few questions. He asked me in which part

I was interested – Maritime or Criminal, Civil, Property, etc. At that time I was open to all types of work. I was introduced to the team of advocates in the office. There were around 10 to 12 Advocates working in that office alon with 5 office staff. As far as formalities were concerned, I was only required to come in law uniform.

The office was of two floors- ground floor and first floor. On the ground floor, there was a painting room, the reception, a mini cubicle where two advocates were sitting, one office staff room, Suraj Sir’s room, Shiv Sir’s room and two conference rooms. Shiv Sir assigned some research work on Maritime and I was very enthusiastic to learn something new.

Never in my life had I even touched a book of Maritime Law or even read or heard about it. But, slowly as time passed by I informed sir that I did not want to do Maritime and wanted to go to the other part. He was kind enough to tell me that you shall be under Suraj Sir and I just said thank you as he understood my problem.

Late in the day, they gave me some reading work of a property matter and was asked to make the List of dates and events and the Synopsis. Earlier everyone in the office used to have their lunch together but due to Covid-19, Sir had asked everyone to eat it on their table itself.

There was only one ma’am in my cubicle and she asked me to join her for lunch. We spoke a lot about each other, asked each other questions and enjoyed the company. Later that day, at around 3 pm, ma’am took me to Suraj Sir and introduced me to him. He gave me some work related to a case which he was handling. My day ended at 7 pm. 

It was a three months full-time internship. I had to reach the office by 10 am and work till 7 pm. As the second wave of Covid-19 was there when I was interning, I could not attend physical court hearings much but they ensured that I did attend the virtual hearings. I went to several lower courts for filing cases, attending matters, etc., usually attended virtual hearings for the High Court but did attend a few physical hearings too.

I was asked to visit the court for several matters, make notes, understand the documentation process, the court procedure, etc. They used to give me case files/briefs and then asked me to read the cases, see what all documents have been attached and attend to those matters.

I learnt how the documents were prepared and also asked to read and understand how a First Information Report, Charge Sheet and Issues etc. were framed. I assisted the advocates in different types of work like , making List of dates and events, Synopsis, drafting, preparing issues, researching and reviewing. After some time, I was asked to prepare case briefs on different topics and to do research on a daily basis on issues. I accompanied the other advocates to various courts for a better understanding of the rules, regulations, proceedings and the manner of litigation.

Work Environment 

The Firm’s environment was very friendly and all the advocates were very focused and responsible towards their work. Sir and the other advocates always tried to explain the environment and the working of the court. They were experienced and highly professional.

All of them were very helpful and kind. Meeting deadlines was a very important thing. When it’s fun, you can enjoy but when you’re working, you have to be serious. When one was given some work, they were expected to complete it with seriousness and intelligence. Every saturday or every holiday we all used to have our lunch together, Sir would order food from outside.

Everyone used to talk, discuss and enjoy themselves. That one hour, we did not talk about any case work, just talked about other things. That was one of the best parts of the Firm. Personally, I got an opportunity to interact with all the Advocates and each one of them had something instructive and helpful to tell. I was made comfortable and was invited to every celebration. 

Good Things 

There were several good things during this internship which are as follows: 


  • Internship certificate 
  • Stipend 
  • Exposure to the litigation world along with different counsels and advocates
  • I Learned about Criminal, Civil, Property, Maritime, Family Law etc.
  • Learnt about manner of Documentation 
  • Research work on different subjects. 
  • Drafting and Emailing 
  • Understanding of practical aspect of legal field 
  • Frank behaviour of advocates 

Bad Things 

There was no bad thing as such but the biggest problem I faced during my internship was that there was less court exposure due to Covid-19 

Stipend (If Any)

Rs. 4500/- per month. 

Accommodation, Commuting to Office 

I stayed pretty close to the Firm, so no PG accommodation was required. But there are several PG’s near the firm in Colaba and Charni Road. The High Court and the Sessions Court were very near to the Firm. I used to use my own vehicle to go to the office, sometimes by Train. The Firm was 10 minutes walking from the station, you even get sare cabs so travelling was not an issue. 

Basic Requirements for the Internship 

  • A diary or a book along with a pen, post it, highlighter, whitener. 
  • A laptop 
  • Must eager for research and gaining knowledge 
  • Must do the daily task with diligence 
  • Basic knowledge of MS word, Google Docs, etc. 

Last Day Formalities 

On the last day of my internship, Sir asked me about my experience and feedback. It was an amazing experience. I learnt a lot. I did learn many new things which I did not know. All the things I learned in this firm will help me in my future.

It was just perfect for me, the exposure I got to the working of the legal system and it gave me a fir idea about the working of the court. Sir handed over the Certificate along with a cheque for three months and gave me his blessings and wished me luck for my future.

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