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Internship Experience at Fox Mandal & Associates, Chennai: Variety of Legal Research Work, Good Working Environment


Full name of the Organisation

Fox Mandal & Associates, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Student Name and College



02nd August 2019 to30th August 2019

Application Process

The Application process was fairly simple. I sent an email to Pornima from the firm. This email constituted of my CV, résumé and a writing sample (research article, case study)

Since there was no reply for a period of over ten days, I sent a follow-up email. I was contacted by Pornima within two days time, asking whether I would be available during the next month, but she made it clear that the call wasn’t a confirmation call but merely so check on my availability.

The next day, I received an email confirming my application and they asked me to join at the earliest.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

The first day of the internship was quite pleasant. I was asked to be in the office by 9:30 am. The office was easy to locate.
I was introduced to my intern coordinator and she explained the dynamics of the firm. From the various departments (corporate, litigation, real estate, infrastructure) to the work expected out of me.

I was then asked to introduce myself to the various individuals of the firm. This was quite a pleasant experience as everyone was welcoming. One of the partners I met was extremely nice as he had a small chat with me and made me feel truly welcomed. I was then assigned to my personal cubical to work from and was assigned work immediately.

Main Tasks

  1. Interns are expected to work in the various departments
  2. There is mostly research work with the occasional clerical work

Good Things

  • There is a good lunch provided by the firm every day.
  • There is a coffee machine(a big plus point on those days when you feel exhausted!)
  • There is also a weekly presentation by associates from different departments. (This was one of my favourite parts of my internship, as it really allowed me to learn a lot from other individuals, and taught me to think beyond the usual questions we have.)
  • An intern is also required to do a presentation by the end of the internship duration. This really helps one to built upon their research skills and show what they have learnt through the days of internship. This presentation is usually to be attended by the entire office including the partners so it is a good way to make an impression (good/bad).

Bad Things

My experience in entirety was quite pleasant. I have learned to work under pressure and improve my research skill. Personally I wish, there was more of drafting work assigned to the interns.

There is also an expectation of perfection from oneself so this can be a bit stressful. (Even that though is an area where one can learn to thrive under pressure)


No stipend

Accommodation Commute

Personal vehicle but the area had good public transport connectivity (buses, share autos).

Other Info

  • The associates will make you feel extremely comfortable!
  • The best way to interact with them is during lunch hour. They are extremely nice and answered all our questions.
  • Pro-tip: Never be shy to ask questions! It just shows how interested you are in learning.

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