Internship Experience at Estimable Euphonious, Nigeria: Great Learnings

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Name of the Student, College, Year of Study

Ekpro Keturah, Nnamdi AZIKIWE University,Awka, Nigeria (300 level)

Name and Full Address of the Organization

Estimable Euphonious intellect law firm( No. 4 Edorji Rd)

Duration of Internship

January 2021- July 2021

Internship Experience

Reminiscing at my tender age when I dreamt of being a judge ,I thought of how I would sentence every murderer, armed robber, rapist and fraudster. Ignorant of the intricacies and workings of the justice system, I thought it was as simple as bringing ( arraigning) a suspect in court, accusing him while the defense counsel proffers arguments in rebuttal at the end which I declare” guilty”.

But when I got admission to study law in 2018, I learnt the substantive aspect of law and came to understand the procedures and technicalities but my internship with Estimable Euphonious intellect (EEI) law firm, Nigeria was an eye-opener,it gave me the opportunity to learn the procedural aspect of law, the internship may have come and gone but the sweet memories of the activities and the immense impact still lingers and would for many years remain a reference point.

It was a knowledge laden internship opportunity which made veritable contribution to me at all levels ranging from getting me properly grounded with legal principles and procedures by inculcating through exciting and challenging programmes, seminars, webinars and other educative outreaches which is readily available for all interns the platform to learn and grow and understand the prerequisite of fair and prompt dispensation of justice,the foundation of every effective judicial system and all there is in the legal field.

The internship featured many new innovations but the most Remarkable  was the mock trial competition in which we were grouped into three chambers namely ; Equity chambers, probity Chambers and justice chambers,we were placed in small cohorts of five for each chamber and we were encourage and inspired to work together to catapult our various chambers to the limelight.

Probity Chambers which happens to be my chamber fought gallantly and triumphed over Equity chamber. The grand finale of the competition came up on 26th of July,2021. An early downpour had cooled the weather for the days court business. The moot Court was filled to the brim with anxious spectators and at about 1:30pm, the court rose for the team of counsels from each chambers to address it on a Motion objecting to the courts jurisdiction to entertain an application for the enforcement of fundamental rights.

After the presentation from the two sides, the much anticipated judgement was read after about 30 minutes of an anxious wait.The elegant and meticulously written judgement read by the presiding judge showed it was a close fight. My chambers (probity) led the pack in eloquence and appearance and got the maximum points for citing the highest number of statutory and judicial authorities closely followed by liberty chambers,the pack performed well too. The skill, decorum and Intellectual prowess and mental stability we displayed during the mooting competition was indeed a product of our internship experience and learning.

The internship helped to reinforce my knowledge, responsibility, focus, drive, ambition and hard work, though it was burdensome due to strings of educative, informed and legal oriented activities but it was worth it, lead me to developing my analytical and logical mind, increased my memory capacity and knowledge. The practice of law has continue to improve over the years in Nigeria as a result of Estimable Euphonious intellect law firm internship in Nigeria because the role they play in steering and educating the young republic of lawyers on the substantive and procedural aspects of law.

The experience of meeting scholar’s who has rose to the pinnacles of this profession and their timely advice brought warm glow and overwhelming happiness to my heart. The experience and incredible knowledge I’ve gained through this authentic, unique and extraordinary internship with Estimable Euphonious intellect law firm is invaluable and with this great ideas learnt,the experience and tools I will definitely succeed after college and become a prominent, influential lawyer.

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