Internship Experience at DLSA, Siwan: Attend Mediation and Lok Adalat, Organising Camps, Participating as Para Legal Volunteers

Full name of the Organisation

District Legal Service Authority, Siwan, Bihar

About the Organisation

The organization mainly deals in Mediation of domestic matters, loan disputes of banks etc.(mostly transferred by the magistrate of family courts). Organizing Lok Adalat every month in which most judges acted as a mediator in their concerned courtrooms DLSA also organises many camps and programmes of NLSA & BLSA from time to time at different remote rural areas.

Student Name, College and Year of Study



10th July 2018 to 31st July 2018

Application Process

No online sources are there for getting a slot for doing an internship. I went there and personally given an application enclosed with a recommendation letter from my department to one of the office staff and he simply forwarded it to the Secretary DLSA, Siwan. After meeting me on the same day he just confirmed my Internship.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

It was my first-time internship in my law school time so I was quite curious and motivated that what will happen next. One first day I was briefed about the organization structure and it’s hierarchical order from NLSA to BLSA to DLSA by the office staff and they handed me the NLSA Act 1987 which I used to read and understand every day during free time.

Also introduced to office staff which was 3 in number and they are very helpful, cooperative and approachable. Suniti ma’am was the only lady staff there and for me, she is the lady of appreciation, she guided and appreciated me every day on my work there.

Each day of a week a different mediator used to come and do mediation process so at this point of time suniti ma’am was the lady who introduced daily to different mediator (basically they are lawyers of the same district court) and by this they allow me to seat in Mediation room and I am able to see and observe the mediation process.

Atul sir was the person who has given me the information about every nook and corner of office and days after we used to go for giving and receiving the files related to mediation at District Judge office.

Main Tasks

  • Seating and observing the mediation process.
  • Attended Lok Adalat (basically done once in a month at Big level where cases like family disputes, loan matters of different banks, Electricity matters are dealt with).
  • Organizing Camps and programmes from time to time as per the guidance of BLSA and NLSA. In my case, I have attended one at the block level.
  • Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) are there appointed by the DLSA SIWAN to catch up the things at ground level in concerned jurisdiction.
  • DLSA used to help the survivors(victim) of Acid attack and provide appropriate Rehabilitation mechanism.
  • Attended General meeting of PLVs, the team of the DLSA consisting of Secretary DLSA and its staff.

Also arose a big issue of the court regarding proper sanitization of court premises and unavailability of public toilet. (although not a part of internship but how a person can sit quietly on seeing all this mismanagement of the court). This was appreciated much by my DLSA office staff, Nazir sir, Court manager and finally by the Secretary of DLSA and this matter has taken into consideration as I have reported this issue to concerned bodies:

  • President Bar Association, Siwan
  • District Magistrate office
  • District Judge office
  • Court Manager
  • Municipality, Siwan

Discussed with the legal member of DLSA (who was the Former president of consumer forum court, Siwan) about the carrier in the judiciary and how to prepare for it. Last but not the least excluding above learn a lot of things as whenever I got time used to visit the court proceedings because DLSA building was beside the civil court building.

Good Things

All things are good there one can enjoy lassi outside the court premises on Munna kulfi and lassi shop at JP CHOWK (even judges used to bring eateries from there).

Bad Things

Nothing bad as such but Fourth Grade Employee (not all but some are very honest and sincere in their job) and the dirty court premises (as people used to spit in open)


Nothing but the experience u got there on ground level at subordinate of NLSA is itself a big thing.

Accommodation Commute

Staying at my home i.e. Dharamparsha in summer vacation so used to go daily by my scooty.

Other Info

One can enjoy the delicious Litti Chokha of Bihar, lassi and rabri at JP CHOWK, Canteen of Bar Association is must try, which is the backside of Session court premises.

Life is not an easy task the more you do the more you get and understand the things so do your Dharma and karma obedience and don’t worry about the results (obviously you will achieve).

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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