Internship Experience @ District Legal Service Authority, Haridwar: Courts, Jails, Lok Adalat, Children, Observation and Special Home Visits

Name, College, Year

Aman Arora, Law College Dehradun, 3rd-year LL.B.(Hons.).


District Legal Service Authority, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India.


A.D.R Building, District Court Campus, Haridwar – 239780

Duration of Internship

Summer Internship in the month of July for a period of 2 weeks. [July 2, 2019, to July 16, 2019]

Application Procedure

The application process is quite simple and to apply for an internship with the Uttarakhand State Legal Service Authority.

The applicant just has to send a mail including a cover letter and updated CV to [email protected] and, and they generally select students based on first come first preference. So applicants are directed to apply a bit earlier.

About the Internship Program

UKSLSA offers a unique internship program where the interns are given a choice concerning the district they want to intern in during the 14 days of their internship.DLSA conduct a visit to various places like state children home, special home, observation home, Lok Adalat, district jail and sub-district jails.

First impression, first day formalities

On the very first day, I had to submit a letter which I got from UK SLSA through the mail. after that, I met with the Secretary of DLSA Haridwar Ms. Shivani Pasbola, Civil Judge (S.D.), Ms. Shivani ma’am briefed us about the working of NALSA, SLSA, DLSA, and Lok Adalat ma’am also tell us about all scheme of NALSA through which these authorities provide free legal aid and also about persons who are eligible for free legal aid.

Main Tasks

It just a myth that this internship is great for 1st and 2nd-year students according to me this internship great for all student irrespective of their year.

Even I did it in my last year of LLB and I find it worth a lot because it helps me to understand judicial system better way and give me insight view for some government organization where generally you are now allowed to enter like a special home, observation home, district jail.

On the first day of the internship, I visited state children home where homeless or children who run away from their family are kept. Through these home, Government provides food, shelter or education to these homeless children or help them to go back to their family prevent them to involve in criminal activity.

Next day I visited the district court Haridwar where we got to know working procedure of court even importance and the function of each room in court campus DLSA also provide us with the opportunity to interact with judges.

I also got the opportunity to visit a special home and observation home that day I got to know there is no word like children jail. In observation home, we kept under trail juvenile or in special jail we kept convict juvenile. There is only one special home in Uttarakhand which is in Haridwar and I was very lucky because I choose Haridwar district for my internship. It’s a great experience to see these both places.

I also got an opportunity to visit district jail Haridwar and sub-district jail Roorkee during visit Ms. Shivani ma’am interact with prisoners and provide government lawyer only to those who can not afford private lawyer fees or unable to take a private lawyer.

She also identified prisoners whose age are below 18 years due to the mistake of the police they send to jail ma’am helps them and transfer them to observation home and also help them to transfer their case to juvenile court.

In every quarter of the year, DLSA conducts Lok Adalat luckily it held during my internship. I experience that Lok Adalat plays a major role to reduce pendency of cases in courts more than 200 cases dispose of the day of Lok Adalat.

Work Environment and People

The work environment was very much relaxed I enjoy my internship. The staff at my district was very co-operating and the internship was a combination of both learning and fun.

Ms. Shivani ma’am so humble and polite she explains each and everything before visit also tell us the importance of that organization how things work. We get so much respect from the working staff of government organizations where we go for a visit. This internship helps me to build my self-confidence and self-respect.

Biggest Lessons

The best thing about the internship was that every day opportunity to explore different places. where generally you are not permitted to visit.

It helps me to understand how a judge can play a major role to give justice in society. if we do not help those prisoners who need a lawyer they can not represent themselves in court they stuck at that jail for indefinite period.we also check food or living condition in state children home, special home, observation home instruct the authority to provide them according to government norms.

DLSA also provided books names Saral Kannuni Gyan Mala on some important topics these books simplify the law helps general people to easily understand the major government scheme, some important laws, and rights of a citizen.


As I’m from Haridwar I didn’t have any complications about the stay. As it situated near siidcul or industrial area you can easily find lots of rooms around the office

Office Timings

The office timings were generally from 10 am to 4 pm. But after completing my visit I usually go to the district court to understand the court proceeding.


No Stipend

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