Internship Experience @ District Legal Service Authority, Bhagalpur: Central Jail, Mediation Centre and Lok Adalat Visits

The name of the Organisation, City and State

District Legal Service Authority, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Zeeshan Hasan, Faculty Of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, 2nd Year


03rd July 2019 to 24th July 2019

Application Process

The application process is quite simple and in order to apply for an internship with NALSA, The applicant just has to send an e-mail including a cover letter and updated CV to [email protected]

It is a myth that only those applicants are selected who has a very good CV but it is not so at all and they generally select students on the basis of first come first preference. So applicants are directed to apply a bit earlier. Selected students will get an e-mail to choose their Batch of internship and there preferred DLSA by mentioning their district name.

The concerned authority, who is the under-secretary, G.B Ravichandran as of now will then contact you via e-mail. One can also contact them at 011-23386176/23382778, 8920840087.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On the very first day, I had to submit a letter in hard copy which I got NALSA through an e-mail. After that, I met with the Secretary of DLSA Bhagalpur, Mr Praval Dutta, Civil Judge and Mr Amit Kumar sir who briefed me about the working of NALSA, SLSA, DLSA, Lok Adalat and all its organs. He also told me about all scheme of NALSA through which these authorities provide free legal aid and also about persons who are eligible for free legal aid.

Candidates should always try to be in formals and don’t forget to mark your attendance. NALSA bare act was provided to me and an order sheet of the schedule for the summer internship programme.

Main Tasks

It is just a misconception that this internship is great for 1st and 2nd-year students according to me this internship is great for all students irrespective of their year.

While interning at your respective districts you will be required to study the working of the district legal service authority and interact with panel advocates. It helps me to understand the judicial system in a better way and give me an insight view of some government organization. I was directed to made internship dairy and maintain daily work report which was to be seen daily by the secretary of the DLSA.

The work environment at DLSA was relaxed and quite amicable as the staff of my DLSA was very much cooperative and friendly. My internship was the combination of both learning and fun but I was the only intern in my DLSA so hang-out with co-interns was left as a dream only.

Mr. Amit Sir is one of the best staff who was very much humble and polite as he always in his free time use to explain me about the working of DLSA and always use to give me complete knowledge about visit before every visit.

The staff members at NALSA were also very efficient in updating us about the visits and schedule by their e-mails, they were very accommodating, lenient and attendance was not a big issue at both DLSA and NALSA.

In the district, my first-day visit was of the office of secretary where I saw how the whole District Legal Service Authority works and what are the diameters in which Secretary uses their powers. I have also gained knowledge about sub-DLSA which are under Bhagalpur i.e Naughiya and Kahalgaon.

After that, I visited the whole campus of DLSA where I saw Mediation Centres, Permanent Lok Adalat, Continuous Lok Adalat, DLSA office, Conciliation centre etc. The building of DLSA is very good and is fully equipped with good and updated technologies.

The second day was the visit of the Mediation Center where I got to learn about the working process of Mediation Center, benefits of mediation between parties and circumstance on which mediator do mediation. The third day was the visit of Permanent Lok-Adalat where I saw the process of deciding the case and the types of Cases/Disputes which can be entertained here.

The fourth day was the visit of Central Jail where I was sent along with the jail visiting lawyer. The duty of the visiting lawyer is to give free legal aid to the prisoners and to resolve the problems of the prisoners regarding their lifestyle, health issue, case etc. This was done by having conversations with each and every prisoner.

I also attended the Legal Awareness Program on Acid Attack and Mental Health issue by DLSA which was conducted in Sadar Hospital. Another visit was of District Court, DLSA Front Office, Juvenile Justice Board and Observation House.

In Delhi, we visited Child Welfare Committee-I, Nirmal Chhaya Complex, Mandoli Jail Complex, Child Observation Home, Juvenile Justice Board, CWC and Swabhiman Parishar Sr.Citizen Center. We were divided into groups of four so as to ease the work.

Good Things

The best thing was that I had a great work environment and helpful associates. They used to teach me so much when we go for a field visit. Unlike other Internships where interns will be put into pressure and associates allot most of their work to the interns, we did not have any such drawback.

The associates, as well as Sir, were always there to guide me. Every day I used to get a new experience. so, the work was never boring since I had many field visits and also I could learn a lot about Lok-Adalat, Mediation Proceedings, Pre-litigation Proceedings.

The biggest lesson from this internship to me was that I got the opportunity to observe the judicial system very closely. Each day of the internship comes to me as a great opportunity, I get to explore different places where generally you are not permitted to visit.
I put all my efforts during the internship. I got to know the various concepts, rules, law through this internship. It will be beneficial for me in the coming tomorrow. It will also helpful for my further studies too. Discipline is something which I learnt from there.

Bad Things

I haven’t encountered any bad thing in this internship which can be mentioned here.


No Stipend

Accommodation Commute

NALSA/DLSA doesn’t provide any accommodation to their inters. I stayed at my home during the internship period as the DLSA chosen by me for the internship.

Other Info

Internship at DLSA gave me a wonderful opportunity and a great exposure to legal knowledge. I visited many places like District & Sub-Jail, Juvenile Justice Board, Lok-Adalat Proceedings including pre-litigation, mediation, Legal Awareness Camps organized by DLSA etc.

We had a very new experience in all respective places and gathered numerous pieces of information. Since practical experiences are the best and this Internship gave that hands-on experience which I really need on. I sincerely thank NALSA and DLSA, Bhagalpur for providing such a wonderful and valuable opportunity.

If you have any problem regarding applying for the internship or their response or anything, you can always ask me about your query and mail me at [email protected] or call at 7903353698.

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