Internship Experience at CV Nagesh and Associates, Bengaluru: Research and Drafting

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CV Nagesh and Associates

Address- No.33, Gange, Pattalamma Temple Street,Pattalamma Temple Road, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560004

Duration Of The Internship

April 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021

Application Process 

One can apply by mailing the resume/cv to or, addressing Mr. Prateek and Mr. Aneel respectively who are the Associates at the firm, who also look into the Internship program of the firm.

Duration of Internship And Timings

It was for the period of Four weeks (April 2021) through Virtual Mode, although I did make couple of visits to the Court towards the beginning of the Internship. 

First Impression and First Day Formalities

I went to the office for the First day in order to be familiar with the work being allotted to me and be well equipped with the details of the firm and the Associates. This really helps to further get work from the advocates as there would many other interns competing with you in order to get work and be well known by the Associates. So, the key is to be interactive and ask the Associates for work as and when you get free finishing the work assigned to you.

There was an Induction process held on the first day with all the Interns in order to familiarize the people  we would be working with for the next month, and then we were taken to the Court in order to observe certain proceedings in the Criminal trial that the Firm had undertaken. Later on, we were given topics to research on which we’re supposed to submit on the same day. There is a separate cubicle that is allotted to the interns wherein unlike the other firms herein, the interns also got to know each other well and we also ended up helping each other with the research work allotted us. This environment was very decent and pleasant to work at, and there’s no need to be mentioned the environment of the office which was at all times warm and light, and the Associates treated us as equals and discussed the case with us and asked for our inputs on it as well. 

My tip for you all out there who intern here would just be this that make use of this opportunity to the fullest and ask the Associates any doubts you have about the case as they will more than happy to help you out with the same and will help you figure a way out if you’re stuck at any point. As the saying goes ‘There’s no stupid question while learning”, although do go with an answer you think is right which will build an honest and pursuant opinion on you, so feel free to interact with them and tap their knowledge through which you will imbibe more answers to your questions.

Main Tasks 

Main tasks assigned to me was mostly on research as I opted for Work from Home considering the Pandemic. Although the three to four visits to the court were in itself really enlightening and the Associates brief you themselves about the case happening and give you all the points in order for you to understand the proceedings well. Other than this, I was assigned research work on various topics like the Negotiable Instruments Act, Domestic Violence Act, Registration Act, and matters relating to the Civil Law, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law. Along with this I was also asked to draft various bail applications and various legal notices on the current matters etc. As I chose Work from Home, the Associate insisted me to attend virtual meetings and hear Senior Advocates arguments on the existing case, which again helped me a lot to look at the law in various other perspectives.

Best Thing

The Best Things about this Internship are pretty much everything as they ensure the Interns are comfortable on the topic they’re working on and guide you as well which is not actually done by many firms, but this firm particularly ensures that by the end of the Internship the intern has learnt if not everything at least some things in the aspect of Criminal Law. Also, they don’t put any restrictions on lunch timings as such so you can take a solid one to one and a half hour for lunch, (although don’t push it further as they are all really nice)  

I’m not even going to mention Bad Thing as a heading here as there is legitimately nothing even remotely near to bad at this firm which could probably have any altercations during the Internship period, as even the work allotted to you and guided through well and they give you time if you ask for the same to complete any research. It’s a wonderful learning experience to all the students.


There’s no stipend provided, but hey knowledge overpowers money.


I am a resident of Bangalore and moreover my internship was mostly work from home, so I had no problem with the accommodation, although there are various pg.’s and 1BHK Apartment for reasonable prices in and around the firm like Chegu’s Pg. etc. So do have a look in Magic bricks you will get a better idea of the same. 

Office Timings 

During an Offline Internship the office timings are from 10 AM – 6:30 PM, wherein one can leave on the completion of the Assignment. Whereas a Virtual Internship mostly starts around the time when the Interns are allotted work and goes on till the Intern submits that day’s assignment. 

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