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Internship Experience @ Cicero Law Firm, Delhi: Variety of Cases, Drafting and Research Work, Court Visits {S}

By: Aprajita Karki | June 12, 2019
Name, College and Year

Rajat Godha, Indore Institute of Law

Organisation and address

Cicero Law Firm, Greater Kailash, Delhi, India

Duration of internship

1 (one) month

How you applied?

Anyone can apply by sending the resume on their official email id.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I reached at the office by 11 A.M sharp in the office where I met the office boy, Arjun bhaiya, who guided me to the conference hall. I had to wait there for some time till the receptionist came and she further guided me to the place where all interns sit.

Thereafter, I had to wait for almost 5 hours for the confirmation mail from Prapti Ma’am. She took a short interview and then she informed me about the functioning of the office.

The infrastructure is good and the environment is very positive. Prapti Ma’am gave me research work for the rest of the day.

Main tasks
  • Research on various cases
  • Draft an appeal.
  • I was also taken to visit National Company Law Tribunal
Good things

The best thing that I observed there is that everyone was so humble. They guide us properly specially Prapti Ma’am and Aarohi Ma’am.

On Saturday’s all the interns were allotted work for the coming week by the associates and the head of the firm.

Bad things

I found nothing bad.


All the transportation expenses of travelling to and from the court were borne by the firm.

Accommodation and commuting to the office

I lived in Laxmi Nagar and the metro station was close by.

Editors note: Internship experiences marked with {S} are shorter than we usually publish but still contain enough useful information to be published. 

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