Internship Experience at Chambers of Mr. Ankit Swarup, AOR, New Delhi: Substantial Work and Decent Stipend

Name Of The Intern , Year Of Study ,College

Ausaf Ayyub, Faculty of Law, Jamia Millia Islamia, 2nd Year.

Name Of The Organization Where You Interned And Its Full Address

Office of Mr. Ankit Swarup, Advocate-on-Record, 30, Todarmal Road, 1st Floor, Bengali Market, New Delhi-110001.

Duration Of Internship

1st March, 2021 – 31st March, 2021 [Four Weeks]

Timings of the Internship

10 A.M. to 8 P.M.

How Did You Apply

Send your CV along with a covering letter at

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The office is located on 1st floor, it is beautifully decorated with greenery and books all around. With the confirmation email, you will be given a form which is to be submitted on your first day at the office, in that form intern is to provide his personal details and along with a college ID proof. Interns are supposed to sit with the Associates. The office environment is really very good, files are given to interns on regular basis and doubts are solved expeditiously. 

Throughout the course of the internship, starting from the first day itself, I have always admired his ability to be very precise with his arguments. His interpretation of law is commendable, and his memory to remember the facts of any case is what makes him a really good advocate. The depth he goes into is perhaps unreal.

Main Tasks

The work primarily consisted of research on various legal provisions and preparing case briefs. Mr. Swarup has a wide range of Practice, interns get the opportunity to work and explore various fields of law, each intern is allotted a case regularly, interns are also given the chance to brief Mr. Ankit Swarup on the case. 

Interns are also invited to attend the virtual courts and physical arbitration proceedings, interns are also supposed to assist in the drafting work. 

Work Environment

The working environment is fantastic. Interns are given access to Law search engines to ease their research work, office has hundreds of SCC volumes. The best part is that Mr. Swarup personally looks towards the development of every intern, he interacts with everyone on a daily basis. The Associates are also very humble. 

Good Things

The kind of exposure I got in this internship is unparalleled, the variety and quality of work is remarkable. Mr. Swarup practices on wide range of matters. As I already mentioned, that Mr. Swarup takes keen interest in the intellectual and professional development of all the interns. He discusses at length the work submitted to him by the interns, the opinion of all the interns is valued in his office. He is somebody who truly believes in passing on the knowledge to the younger generations. He would read everything submitted to him by the interns, and would provide a substantive feedback to everyone. 

The internship is not only limited to submitting research work. His conversations are full of anecdotes and legal strategies, giving insight into the practical working of the courts.  The new ideas, strategies and the kind of confidence that he brings to the table is truly inspiring. He sits with all the interns, listen to their queries and suggestions. He is someone who would always give you the due credit.  

Bad Things

I truly had a wonderful experience working with him, so there is no bad thing as such. But before applying at his chambers, an applicant must pull up his socks and make up his mind that he would be working extensively and inexhaustibly. 

Stipend (if any)

Mr. Swarup is someone who is genuinely committed to recognizing the work of his interns. There is no thing as Free Lunch in his office. He was kind enough to give me a Stipend of INR 7000. 

Accommodation, Commuting To Office

I live in Delhi So, I did not make any additional living arrangements. The nearest metro station is Mandi House, the office is at 5 minutes walking distance. 

Lessons Learnt

The famous Bengali Market is just 2 minutes’ walk away from the office, I often used to go there during my lunch breaks. The biggest lesson learnt would be that there is no substitute for hard work. 

To sum up, this is a definitely one of the best internships for litigation aspirants. These 30 days were the best days, if I could say so.  Working under the guidance of Mr. Swarup was truly a privilege for me. This learning at his office would continue to reflect in my career as a law student. He is the kind of a person who I would always look up to, learn from him whenever possible.    

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