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Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Hemant Kumar, Delhi: Attending Court Proceedings, Variety of Cases, Helpful Environment

By: Aprajita Karki | June 10, 2019
Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Advaita Kapoor, Hidayatullah National Law University, Atal Nagar, 1st Year, [email protected]

Organisation and address

Chambers of Advocate Hemant Kumar, A-7 Middle Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India. It’s on the first floor, behind Starbucks and taking a left from the restaurant Faiyan.

Duration of internship and Timings

1 month – May 2019

There are no set office timings. On the days of courts, one has to directly reach the court by 9:45 am after which everyone gathers in the office and stays till at least 8 pm.

There is no hard and fast rule for staying beyond 8 pm and one is free to leave but it is advisable to stay as the real work and learning gets done around those hours as Sir is available during that time.

Application procedure

I found a past internship experience at lawctopus here and a few friends who interned with him beforehand recommended as well.

You can send your CV along with a cover letter at contact[at]chambershk.in. Sir takes upto 5-7 interns in a month and gets an afflux of applications.

First-day impression and Infrastructure

I was asked to contact them one day prior to the commencement of the internship to confirm as to where I have to reach on the first day.

I was told to come directly to the Rohini District Courts to assist an associate with a matter listed in the court. After which I reached the office. There I met the other interns who were interactive and friendly.

Sir came around 5:30 – 6 pm which is the usual time he reaches office after the court matters and other court-related work.

Sir introduced me to everyone at work and made me feel comfortable in the office. The office is one big room where all the interns, associates, as well as Sir himself, sits. It can easily accommodate up to 12-15 people.

Main tasks

Sir does not prejudice against the fact of which year you belong to. He gives equal amount of work to each intern according to their capabilities providing an avenue to learn in each area.

My main tasks included going to the courts with sir and assisting him in the proceedings, from filing applications to collecting certified/uncertified copies, getting the evidence done of the clients and getting the dates for hearing.

This gives us interns a chance to see how the courts actually work and what the procedure is of getting the required documents. He also asked us to accompany him to courts during arguments or mediation/counselling/arbitration proceedings.

Hearing Sir argue is a privilege as he is extremely fluent and exemplary. One gets to learn so much just by hearing him. His arguments are well-built and one can see his knowledge of law reflect in his arguments. He is well-read and well-versed with the laws he deals in so much that remembers each section by heart.

After courts, we would reach the office where he would assign us both research as well as drafting work.

Pulkit Sir, a then associate, would always help us through it, give us directions, review our work and make us sit with him while doing so in order to let us know our mistakes and improve in the future.

Hemant Sirm would take our legal opinion on various matters and encourage our participation in discussing the concerned cases. He would let us meet with the clients, make notes and communicate with them directly.

Good things

I got to visit all the district courts in Delhi and the High Court and as Sir is versatile with the type of matters he deals with, I got an insight into different laws such as Criminal, Family and Divorce, Consumer complaints etc.

Moreover, Sir would give us independent jobs instead of just making us tag along with him everywhere and treated us as competent interns and friends and let us learn from our own mistakes. He made sure that each intern was aware of all the cases and their progress.

He would also introduce us to other attorneys and help in our networking.

Another great thing about Sir is that he ensures that none of his interns faces any trouble at work. He interacts with you on an individual level which is very rare to be found these days. This leaves an impact and is what makes him rememberable.

Same was the case with Pulkit Sir, he treated us more like a friend and was always a helping hand. This leaves an impact and is what makes the place most rememberable.

He is also extremely systemized from the way all the files are kept in chronological order to maintaining proper legal diaries even one for the interns so that each one of us is aware of the listed matters.

Bad things

There is no washroom in the office but you can easily manage to find one as the office is in CP


The stipend is performance based but what holds more value is the Letter of Recommendation Sir gives which is personalised and he would not hesitate in praising you if you’ve made a good impression.

Accommodation and Commuting

I am from Gurgaon and thus accommodation was not a problem though there are a lot of PG areas near Jangpura or Malviya Nagar. Best way to communicate in Delhi is by Metro which I opted for as well.

What we did to chill out

Sir had kept the working environment very comfortable and friendly. He would joke around with us all the time. He would even take us out for dinners. Whenever an intern leaves, he gets a cake to bid them a farewell.

So all in all, it’s a great place to intern at irrespective of the year you are in, you’ll probably miss the place so much you’d want to intern here again which most people do as it’s totally worth it.

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