Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Hemant Kumar, Delhi: Case Law Research and Drafting Work, Court Visits, Attend Client Counselling

Name, College, Year of study

Shubham Singh Jha, Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Vizag, IIIrd Year.

Organization and Address

Chambers of Hemant Kumar, Delhi, Address- A-7, Middle Circle, Connaught Place-01. The place is at a walkable distance from Rajeev Chowk Metro Station (Gate no. 7 & 8).

Duration of internship

May 15-June 12 (2019). Mon-Sat. Timings are 9:30 am – 9:00 pm (That depends upon the workload for a day and you always have an option to leave early if there is anything important. You just need to convey that to Sir and you can always take an early off).

There were few interns who used to leave at 7:30 pm but that is because of the distance they had to travel back to their home.

Application Process

I sent the mail with my CV attached along with cover letter at contact[at] The office gets an influx of internship applications. So, it is advisable that you apply at least 3-4 months in advance.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

When I received the confirmation mail, I was asked to contact the office a day prior to the first day of my internship. I did the same and was asked to reach the office by 11:00 am. I reached at office and within some time, other interns and one of the then Associate Pulkit Sir came to office.

I was asked about my previous internship experience and what did I learn from it. I was then given some research to do. Hemant Sir came in the early evening and asked me things just to ensure that he knows his interns well. There was no dearth of work as well as of outings with Sir.

Main tasks

Court: The work that we were given were much diversified in nature. You also get an opportunity to go stand in the court and have something put directly to the court. The experience is surreal and you will always cherish.

You get to visit all the district courts and at times High Court too. Each intern had to report to the nearest district court from his home and was asked to ensure that the work assigned to him for the day is done. It primarily included things from taking dates to even going and getting cross-examination done. It included the fundamental work that is done in litigation.

There always used to be Hemant Sir, Pulkit Sir or Anil Bhaiya around with the intern who would always appreciate answering your doubts and making you learn things on your own. They would always joke around just to keep the atmosphere chilled out.

Sir wouldn’t shy away from complimenting you if you have done a good job. That gives you a sort of motivation that you work hard and try to give your best shot because Hey! If he is trusting you, you must strive hard to maintain that trust.

Research Work: There was no dearth of research work as you always get a message from Sir asking you to research upon some point of law or he will give a well-stated fact and then would ask you to research upon the law and see if you could get decided case law on that.

If that doesn’t happen, Pulkit Sir was always there to tell you what you have to research and he would ensure your effort so that you get an exact case on point.

Then we had to make a word document of the research (Make sure it is properly cited and edited) and send it along with the researched material to Pulkit Sir and then he would make corrections and then send it to Hemant Sir.

Drafting: You will be assigned a case on which you will be asked to draft necessary things such as DV Petition, HMA Complaint or you might be asked to draft a Legal Notice or several other things to draft.

You will be given enough freedom to work the way you want but when you don’t do well, Sir will make you understand your fault rather than pointing it and will make you come with a better draft. He told us that what is important while drafting anything is to make sure that you must write what you think.

Client Counselling: Sir holds meetings in the evening and if has assigned you a case and the client comes then you will be asked to sit and take notes and make sure that you sort to your progress on case with the client.

Also, it is important to be prepared when you sit in the meeting with the client since it is not only you who is going to ask the question. The client will have his own doubts regarding the subject matter, procedure or anything related to his case.

There were some enriching experience where you just watch Sir dealing with different types of clients and just making them understand the situation and handle properly.

You would also learn to deal with different types of people and that surely helps you in this profession. It surely gives you an enriching tutorial on patience and perseverance and my co-interns if they read this, they would agree with me on this.

Good things
  • The discussion that happens when you are assigned a research work and when Sir talks about it, he will ask you if you have an idea about the law, or you know something that he might be missing and then each person in the office just makes it a group discussion where you see ideas flowing and Sir making the best possible argument to make you understand both his question of research and purpose of research.
  • There were good lectures on CrPC while we were travelling with Sir in his car and that indeed was one of the best part of this Internship.
  • The culture that prevails in the office where each and every intern was given enough freedom to learn, work and work with a zeal to better every day. He made sure that he always indulges interns into the discussions. He would always take your idea regarding anything and everything and they would tell you if that’s correct or not.
  • The type of work that was given made me more determined to take litigation as a career and I sort of was trying to seek something like this internship. He counted on us regarding the drafts and was sure that we would meet the deadline he had given to the clients.
  • Coffee and Parties were best as well. Though I didn’t attend too many.
Bad things

There was no washroom in the office so one just have to walk as there were several alternates around.


That depends upon your performance.

Accommodation, commuting to the office

I live in Delhi so accommodation was not an issue. At times, my father used to drop me but mostly I opted metro for transportation.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc.

The office is at CP so we always had many options. We would go out and take a stroll along with co-interns and was quite a fun taking a break.

One out of many lessons that I learnt was that irrespective of how smart you are, you just cannot beat the hard work and experience one possesses doing that.

So be ready to work more than you think you can do and you will be just rolling down at the end of your internship with pride and self-believe. The place offers so much to learn and gives you ample scope to see if you could survive the picture of litigation.

Highly recommended for those who have an interest in learning the nuances of litigation that too if its criminal law then you must take this one on your certificate.

Editor’s note: You can read an internship experience of Chambers of Advocate Hemant Kumar here.

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