Internship Experience at Chambers of Advocate Anuj Sharma, Dehradun: Legal Drafting and Research Work, Court Visits

Name, College and Year

Ritwik Tyagi, Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur, 2nd Year.

Name of Organisation

Chambers of Advocate Anuj Sharma, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

Duration of Internship

3 weeks, September 2019.

How you applied?

I contacted the concerned advocate personally.

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First-day formalities, impression, infrastructure

Well, I had a rather pleasant first day, which involved meeting everyone at the chamber, getting to know them and the work that they do. There were no formalities involved, I was readily accepted as a part of the team and made to feel welcome.

Coming to the infrastructure, most of the chambers in the complex were, in all essence, simply a table and two chairs put together in a dull, dark hall. However, our chamber (notwithstanding the space constraints) was quite comfortable and the people running it made it even better. The work timings were awesome – from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM. I didn’t realise how the time went by anyway.

Main Tasks

Since this was my first internship with an advocate, I was told to focus primarily on observing the Court procedures and mannerisms. So, what I did mostly accompanied the advocate and the juniors to Court for watching the proceedings and taking note of the applications filed in each case.

I was also given the task of drafting and submitting various sorts of applications before the Court. This internship presented me with the opportunity to learn the nitty-gritty of the craft of litigation, along with some neat tricks and hacks which might come in handy someday.

Good Things

The environment in the Chamber was simply excellent. I wasn’t expecting this sort of a thing before coming here and it sure did raise my expectations for the next internship. Every afternoon, after wrapping up the day’s work, we would all sit down to eat snacks and talk about things in general, ranging from politics to life in college. I’ve made some really good memories.

Bad Things

The Court complex is very, very crowded with so many litigants and advocates swarming all around the place. The Criminal Courts are filled to the brim and most of the times, it does not even seem like you are actually in a courtroom. But, I presume that’s what it is like in a majority of the District Courts around the country.


No stipend

Accommodation and Commute

I stayed at a relative’s house in the city, so it wasn’t much of a problem for me. Reaching the Court is quite easy as it is located pretty much in the city centre. The Vikram and minibuses of Dehradun are the best means of zipping through the city.

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