Internship Experience at Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad: Worked on Planet Pre School Project

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

About the Organisation

Centre for Environment Education (CEE) was established in 1984 as a ‘Centre of Excellence in Environmental Education’, of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC), Government of India.

CEE, a national institution with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, has the mandate to promote environmental awareness nationwide.CEE develops innovative programmes and educational material and builds capacity in the field of education and communication for sustainable development.

It undertakes demonstration projects in education, communication and development that endorse attitudes, strategies and technologies that are environmentally sustainable.

Student Name, College and Year of Study


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01st May 2018 to 01st June 2018

Application Process

I procured their contact details from their official website (

Phone Number: 079 2685 8002

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

The employees and staff were very friendly and welcoming. The office has a beautiful campus which made it inviting for us to work there.

Main Tasks

I began with reading and researching about plastic, plastic waste and ‘World Environment Day’ in the library, I read about topics and understood closely about plastic and the grave danger ‘plastic waste’ has possessed as for the world, hence, it was selected as the theme of the ‘World Environment Day’.

After that, I was assigned to work under Mrs. Minakshi Balkrishna, for the Planet Pre School Project, wherein I was briefed about the work I was supposed to be doing, wherein I had to read about the concepts of multiple intelligence, transdisciplinary approach, lesson plans and rubrics.

After reading about the above mentioned topics I was given a detailed description of how a lesson plan is supposed to be made and given the task of making my first rough draft of a lesson plan they included the concept of multiple intelligence on the topic “Body Parts”.

I worked on the same for the days that followed and was guided about the changes required and the format of documentation by Mrs. Minakshi Balkrishna, after which I was given the topic “Animals: we share the earth with them”, also, while working on the lesson plans I assisted Ms. Meena A.S on a document on World Environment Day based on Plastics and for enlisting materials required for the Steam Workshop.

After working on the above, I was assigned the task of making a detailed list of purchase of the toys required for the Pre School, after the same I continued working on the lesson plans and then I was given the task of going through the catalogue of publications supplying books for the Planet Pre School, after which I continued working on the lesson plans and I was given the new topics “Plants”; and “Places On Earth”.

I worked on them, reading about the activities and various lesson plans on these topics. I was then assigned the “Mom & Me”; workshop for toddlers and their moms conducted on 18th of April, I worked on finding the suitable activities for the workshop with the help of Mrs. Minakshi Balkrishna, I made a list of purchase materials and went to make the purchase, following which I worked on setting up the workshop along with the team of other interns.

We even conducted a dry run on the kids who attend the summer camp at CEE, after which I took part in the main event which was a grand success and learned a lot of new things from the same, later I continued working on the lesson plans and mailed my work to Mrs. Minakshi Balkrishna, who then briefed me about the final formatting of the documents I had previously made, after which I was assigned the work of sorting and enlisting books for the Planet Pre School from the CEE library, finishing which I continued working on the lesson plans and setting them as per the required format .

Good Things

My experience of interning at CEE has been one that taught me about a lot of new concepts that I was not very familiar with such as the concerning issue of plastic waste and the importance of the education obtained by individuals at a Pre School level.

I learned about such interning new topics and I learned about work ethics and how work is supposed to be done in such organisations. Working as an intern at CEE was truly an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime.

Bad Things

There was less focus on law. As I was a legal intern, the work provided to me could have included a legal aspect which would have been beneficial for both, me and the organisation.


No stipend

Accommodation Commute

As I live in the same city, accommodation and commute was not an issue.

Other Info

Working under CEE was an enlightening experience and has left an impression on my mind. I have become more sensitive towards environment-related issues.


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Note: The internship experience was first published on 7th October 2019.


Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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