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Internship Experience @ BSK Legal, Solicitors and Advocates, Delhi: Insurance and Family Law Research and Drafting Work

By: Aprajita Karki | July 25, 2019
Name, College and Year

Shubham Anand, JEMTEC School of Law, 2nd Year BA LLB.

Organisation and address

BSK Legal, Solicitors and Advocates, D-26, Lower Ground Floor, Jangpura Extention, New Delhi, 110014

Duration of internship

My summer internship was about 24 days. it was only closed on Sundays however interns were allowed for leave on Saturdays. interns were supposed to come at 10 AM and allowed to leave at 4:30 PM.

How you applied?

One can apply by emailing his resume along with a passport size photo specifying the desired period of internship to their official email.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

My first day, I reached the office at 10 AM. At that time there was not much to do but after introducing myself to Sanjay Sir, he told us to ask Amit sir for work who gave me a case file to study and later ask me about it.

When I was about to go home Sanjay sir suddenly came outside his office and told me and one other intern to come with him and we went to mediation and arbitration of DELHI High Court.

Main tasks

Main tasks involved a lot of reading numerous case files regarding Insurance Law, Family Law and going to courts for observing proceedings and filing adjournments.

Good things

The staff at BSK Legal are very helpful and knowledgeable. You can easily ask them advice and they also assist you in your work. It is situated at a very prime location in Delhi and is easily commutable from the metro.

Bad things

After a while, you will most likely to get bored from reading all the case files. although the staff are very supportive they are helpful only you when you ask them. since it is underground there is no cell service.


No, they do not provide any kind of stipend.

Accommodation, commuting to the office

Commuting to the office is easy as it is close to Delhi metro from where you can take an e-rickshaw for 40 rupees.

Anything else, what you did to chill out, lessons learnt etc

One of the most important lessons that I learnt from my internship was patience is a very factor in this field. when it comes to chilling out, there are of shops near the office where you can eat tons of food.

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