Internship Experience at Anirudh and Associates, Delhi: IPC and CrPC Research and Drafting Work

Full name of the Organisation, City and State

Anirudh and Associates, District Court, Rohini, Chamber Number 211, Delhi

About the Advocate

I interned under a lawyer, Mr Anirudh Garg who is a very well-renowned Criminal lawyer in the District Court of Rohini. Also, he deals with the cases of Delhi State Legal Service Authority and he has other panels as well.

Chamber Number 211 is shared by two advocates of which one is Mr Anirudh Garg. The chamber is quite spacious and sir has a great collection of books which is an advantage for interns.

Student Name, College and Year of Study



15th July 2019 to 15th August 2019

Application Process

I interned under Advocate Anirudh Garg, who is a very well-renowned Criminal lawyer in the District Court of Rohini. Also, he deals with the cases of Delhi State Legal Service Authority.

I had to email him my Curriculum Vitae. I got a response from him within a week confirming the dates of the internship. I interned under him for one month due to lack of time but if anyone wishes to extend the internship further they can do so.

Main Tasks

I specifically dealt with cases of criminal nature. The work included quality research work, helping sir in drafting and timely rearranging of files. I used to observe court proceedings and later on accompanied him also in some cases. I was exposed to various sections in the Indian Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. Not only did I study these sections in theory, but I also learnt about their practical application in the Court.

I gained practical knowledge regarding the process of the court which includes the First Information Report, the Statement of the Witnesses, the documents annexed to the FIR, the Post Mortem, Inquest, Bail Application, Criminal Revision etc. Also, I learnt the filing of the bail application, process fee, bail bond etc.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

On the very first day of my internship, I was quite nervous. But the process of introduction was smooth and comfortable. He made me acquainted with the location first and then asked me about my academics, interests, what I seek to learn from this internship etc. He then informed me about the procedure related to the court.

Also, He told me about the basic things like how to search the cause list, item no., order sheet online. He handed over some files to me to read and observe and told me to ask the queries. Then We visited the court and there he told me to observe the court proceeding first and then to ask the doubts.

There were no formalities as such but the sir is very punctual and he keeps the things in an organised manner so he expected the same from his interns.

My initial impression regarding the District Court Rohini was of horror as this court is very overcrowded. It was a little hard at first since I’m not accustomed to crowdy areas, but then I got used to it and started learning a lot more than I had expected.

Good Things

The work environment there was really positive. The approach of the Sir was quite holistic. He made me understand a lot of things in a better and practical way. Anirudh Sir acted as a mentor and guided me in the best way possible. He always remained humble and kind while explaining and taking doubts.

In short, I gained practical knowledge about the procedures of the court and how things work in reality.

Bad Things

There was no bad thing as such to which I can point out since I interned there for one month only. But yes there were some issues related to the basic necessities like there was no proper place for lunch and washrooms were unhygienic.



Accommodation Commute

PG’s were easily available there at a reasonable price. So, I stayed in a PG only and used to go to Rohini court by walking.

Other Info

There is a lot of difference between what we study in books and practicality. So, what I learnt during the internship is that it’s imperative to be a little assertive and the approach towards the case should always be based on practicality.

The internship was fun as we have some chilling sessions as well where we used to discuss the current events, our hobbies, findings, research etc.

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