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Internship Experience @ Anand and Anand, Noida: FEMA, RBI, Companies, Income Tax and Patent Law Research Work

By: singhshreya32 | August 16, 2019

Student Name, College and Year of Study


Name of the Organisation, City and State

Anand and Anand, Delhi & NCR


01st July 2019 to 02nd August 2019

Application Process

I got this Internship/Corporate trainee programme at my College.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

We were asked to sit in a conference room where the HR briefed us about the Internship formalities and the rules and regulations to be strictly adhered to in the office premises. We were also given some forms to fill with all our details.

Then the HR introduced us to Ms. Tanya Wadhawan (Co-head Corporate) under whose supervision this trainee programme was conducted. We had to directly report to her for any work assigned. She was our go-to person for any work-related issue/query.

The office was huge and overall it had a good work environment.

Reporting Time: 10:00 AM

Main Tasks

Since I was in the Corporate department the work that was assigned to me was mostly related to FEMA, RBI regulations, The Companies Act, 2013, The Income Tax Act and Patent Law. I also got a chance to draft 4 agreements in total and a compendium on Labour Law with its compliances.

Good Things

It was a great opportunity and I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Tanya Ma’am. The quality of work that I was introduced to was amazing. Of course, it involved a lot of work pressure and deadlines but at the end of Internship, it was all worth it and it felt like I have actually learnt something because here, you’re not just an ‘Intern’ but more like an associate.

Bad Things

Once you gel up with the work and the environment around, I don’t think there is any bad thing here. It is rather an experience everyone should rather have to learn and how office actually works.


Rs. 2500/-

Accommodation Commute

The Office is located in Sector 16A Noida and the nearest metro is just 5 mins away. Since I am from Noida only, accommodation was not a problem for me. I used to commute with my personal vehicle.

Other Info

The canteen at the office was pretty good and subsidized. we would spend quite some time chilling in between and taking tea breaks.

I really enjoyed this internship and wish everyone should try interning here at least once to broaden their scope and mindset about different aspects of the law.

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