Internship Experience at Amarjeet Singh Sahni and Associates, Delhi: Criminal and Family Law Research and Drafting Work

Name of the Student, Year and College

Shailendra Singh, 2nd Year (IV semester) B.A. L.L.B. student at Gujarat National Law University.

Name of the organization and address

Amarjeet Singh Sahni and Associates, Tis Hazari, New Delhi.

Application Process

One needs to send their CV along with a Cover letter to the email ID at amarjeetsahni[at] It’s better to contact sir by way of a phone call for confirming your internship application.

First impression, first day formalities, Infrastructure

The chamber is situated in the basement, chamber number 23 & 24, civil side, (Central) Tis Hazari. We were asked to reach the chamber by 9:45 am. We reached on time on the first day. The chamber was of decent size, much better compared to adjacent chambers.

On the first day, I was introduced to all the associates and Munshi of Sir’s chamber. they all were nice and cooperative and helped me as well as other interns throughout the internship and they helped me wherever I faced problems, regarding the filing of an application, drafting, legal research and other clerical tasks. Also, they taught us extensively about the procedural part of the filing, execution, order, decree, etc.

Main tasks

Sir deals in civil as well as criminal law, so you will get to know extensively about both the laws. However, most of the matters before him were related to Matrimonial disputes, domestic violence act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Suit for Recovery, Suit for partition and Family Law. We were mostly assigned clerical work, filing PF, Certified copy, giving status updates of various courts, updating the associates with the next date of hearing, the order passed in various cases, documentation and other routine filing duties. We also helped in searching case laws to support and back the arguments prepared by sir in some cases.

Sir also used to update and brief us about the cases listed for the day and try to give us a little info about the root cause of controversy in the listed cases and also on what lines and legal principles he’s going to argue on. We used to see the court proceedings to get a first-hand experience of how to argue in trial courts. This would also help one to soothe out their fears and hesitation, which they may have during practicing as a lawyer.

We got to visit five different district courts of Delhi, this also gives you a little insight into the working of different district courts of Delhi and will give a certain idea of where to start from, if one is planning to start their initial practice from Delhi only, I would definitely recommend this internship. Sir always kept us busy in reading files and filing duties so that we would waste no time and keep learning new things.

Work environment and people

The work environment was great, as all the associates were humble and approachable. Even sir used to teach us many aspects of practicing as a lawyer, the responsibilities, work ethics and all. He also has, in-depth knowledge of CPC and Negotiable instruments act, and other Rules and conduct of trial courts. During this internship only I found out that the awareness about these rules and conducts is so crucial for a budding lawyer, it will immensely help them in initial days of career.

The work environment was a little information there and that helped me to achieve a certain level of comfort with the associates and Sahni sir as well, which enabled me to ask various doubts regarding the working of trial courts, civil procedure, etc. Sir was very approachable and we used to indulge in various discussions with him regarding the grey area of laws, political views on some current issues. So this also helped me in developing holistic views on current issues as well as helped me to develop my views regarding the grey areas of law and how to approach these legal voids. Apart from this, he used to give us important life lessons.

One of the best internship experiences so far in the number of things learned and this internship made me more aware of the working of trial courts.


I found a double occupancy PG with one of my batchmates in Laxmi Nagar, for Rs. 7500 excluding electricity charges, since it was winter, the electricity charges were minimal and it costed me around Rs. 120. You will also find free Wi-fi services in most of the PG’s and it is not very difficult to find Accommodation in Delhi.

Good things

This internship also helped in enhancing and boosting my legal knowledge and litigation knowledge. This internship also helped me to knew the importance of trial courts and how good arguments help in building a good foundation, which certainly helps further in Appellate courts. Otherwise, the counsel at appellate courts will face a problem if the counsel at trial courts has committed blunders in basing their claims.

The best thing about this internship was the work which I was assigned was significant and this is the best feeling that the work in which you are contributing does help your senior in his arguments and you are doing significant contributions during your internship. In one of the cases in which sir was dealing, we provided sir with the case laws which were crucial in supporting his arguments.

The associates were all kind and humble and they look forward to entertaining all our doubts and queries. We were able to establish friendly relationships with associates and it is always great to have some friends in the legal fraternity who can help you with your future accolades and can help you in guiding and building your future path.

This internship gave me a lot of exposure and insights into the working of trial courts and if you are looking for an internship where there can be a balance between Informal and formal working, then this is the best internship I can suggest. Sahni Sir used to crack jokes and discuss miscellaneous topics which kept the atmosphere light and pleasant without compromising with the knowledge gained.

Bad things

There were none.

Biggest Lessons

It is important to strike a balance between work and fun. It keeps the frustration level low and it becomes easier to concentrate on work and give your best.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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