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Internship Experience at AK Mylsamy and Associates LLP, Chennai: Legal Research Work, Field Visits, Make Case Summaries


Student Name, College and Year of Study

M. Bharathy Meena, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University- School of excellence in law


11th February 2019 to 11th February 2020

Application Process

The first step is to create your resume and mail it to the E-mail Id available in the official website of www.akmllp.com. The firm will then shortlist you based on your resume and call you for the interview.

Once you walk in for the interview, the firm will provide you with a questionnaire which will be related to your own ideas on law and life. After filling of it, the authorized person will interview based on the answers you gave. If they think your fit for the intern in this firm, they will send you an offer mail

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

Once you have joined, they will ask you to read and learn the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) to understand the basics. Once they think that you have learnt with the basics, they will give you judgments to read and summarize the same and they will review and correct your mistakes. They will be always available for you to clear any doubts or glitches. You will experience a great atmosphere to learn and research.

Main Tasks

The Associates will allot you with NCLT benches wherein, you should daily update on the template provided by them, cases that are of a unique nature, which have interesting points of research associated with them, and even if there are disposed of cases, we learn to analyze the judgments and summarize only what is needed accordingly.

Every month, we also get a set of Supreme Court Cases and NCLAT Cases to work on, they are slightly in-depth and discuss a wide array of topics.

We have been given deadlines for the same, which have to be strictly followed. Another interesting aspect is that of Presentations.

Every month, on rotation depending on the number of Interns present, On Saturdays, we will be allotted interesting cases, mostly Supreme Court or NCLAT where we will have to analyze the case in-depth and present it in front of the Partners and the Managing Partner himself, Mr. A.K.Mylsamy.

It is a thrilling experience and we get to learn a lot. Many times, the Partners ask us questions as well and it becomes very engaging because everybody participates. For that 1.5 hours, it’s simply a knowledge building process and we eagerly look forward to such days.

The summarizations work is to be taken seriously because it is these summaries that go live on their dedicated webpage – IBCCases.com.

Apart from this, they also urge us to write Articles on emerging topics and Amendments associated with IBC/Company Law. After the initial vetting process, if it meets their standard, there is a chance for our articles to get published on their Monthly Newsletter as well. It goes by the name The LawTree. So, immense opportunities at hand, it’s up to us to utilize it.

Good Things

Great platform to learn and research and to gain good communication skills.

The best part is that the work is for 3 hrs. only so we will also be able to concentrate on our studies as well. Best internship for those who are not inclined to the litigation aspect of Law.

Since the internship is for a year, there is ample time to grow and expand our horizons on Drafting, Research, Summarizations, Communication and Presentation skills.

Bad Things

You will not have any practical work knowledge or be able to go to NCLT all the time. Even that is on a rotation basis based on the number of cases that come up in the Court.



Other Info

After interning in this firm, I have just learnt patience to read various judgements be it small or large and understand the different views and interpretation of laws by different judges in different benches.

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