Internship Experience at AICVC, Mumbai: Legal Research Work, Field Visits, Dialogues and Report Submission

Student Name and College

Raj Shekhar, National University of Study and Research in Law


24th August 2019 to 16th September 2019

Application Process

The interns need to visit the office and submit an application for internship. They can even call and ask for the availability of internship slots. The applications submitted are then made to go through a strict checking process where relevant facts are verified. After the verification and on selection, a mail is sent to the selected interns.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

There were not many formalities that were needed to be followed. The only instruction I received was to turn up dressed in formals. The office was a decent one and was located in one of the most prominent locations of Mumbai.

The interns were briefed on the motto of the NGO and were also made aware of its achievements. Then we were briefed by the President of NGO, who is the current National Chief General Secretary ( CVC ).

We were made aware of how corruption is killing the morality of society and all the widespread destruction that is arising out of it. Then a small powerpoint presentation was made which clarified the work we were supposed to do during this internship period.

It ranged from researching, fieldwork to report submission. In a nutshell, we were made aware of what we will be doing which was a good thing to do as we knew the direction in which we had to work and emphasize.

Main Tasks

During the 1st week, we were made to read and research on the Human Rights Violations in India as a whole and Mumbai in particular.

Then we went to the Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (MAT) where we were briefed on how cases are handled and dealt with. The theme for the next week was – ” Women and their exploitation ” for which we went to the Mahila Shasktikaran Aayog, where we came across a lot of such cases.

The next two weeks were dedicated to the fieldwork, where we went to a lot of companies, shops, labour organizations, towns, and villages. The main aim of the whole fieldwork programme was to understand the problems from the grassroots level. Our mentor told us – ” Reports may or may not be true.

The main aim of this whole fieldwork is for you guys to explore and investigate, and then to finally decide on the authenticity of any report” these lines really made everyone there work even harder. We were fortunate to even attend dialogue near Azad Maidan on – ” Empowering Women – How Women contribute to a moral society building? ”

During the last week of the internship, we were asked to prepare a report which should have Human Rights as the main theme. The report was to be of 7K-8K words with citations as per 21st Edition of Bluebook.

Also, the report was to be mandatorily made from the data collected and research work done during the last three weeks of the internship. The report submitted by me was on the topic: Human Rights and Development: A comment on Challenges and Opportunities from a Legal Perspective.

Good Things

One of the good things was that instead of focusing on the theoretical approach which most other NGOs do, AICVC provided me the opportunity to go out in the city and explore the problem.

The internship was more of fun rather than the usual desk job experience. The fieldwork helped me as an individual in improving my confidence and communication skills.

The research work aided me in improving my overall knowledge as an intern. Overall, the whole internship programme provided an opportunity to not only understand the concepts involved in Human Rights and Vigilance but also experience them in real day to day life.

Bad Things

Nothing much, yet the work pressure we had as a fresher was comparatively more than what we expected. Though the pressure was constructive, yet a few of my co-interns were overwhelmed by the work pressure.

Also as we weren’t paid reimbursements for our local travel (travel expenses other than local ones were reimbursed), as a result of which the whole experience felt a bit heavy on the pocket. Apart from these two, there was nothing bad about this whole internship experience.



Accommodation Commute

I stayed at a Boys Hostel as the NGO had no accommodation facilities.

Other Info

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of anyone – I learned this when I saw how due to procrastination many interns failed to submit their works on time which really earned them a bad name.

Also due to the fieldwork, I was able to come across certain aspects which I would have never understood sitting behind the computer screens.

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