Internship Experience at Advocate Srinivasan, Tiruvannamalai: Criminal Laws Research Work, Court Visits


Full name of the Advocate, City and State

Advocate Srinivasan, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Tamizh Kavi, The Central Law College, Tamil Nadu, 5th Year


One month during December 2018

Application Process

One can directly approach him on the court and ask for an internship who has a great service mind readily accepts the same person and to be thankful he is my college Alumni, so I got selected when I asked for an internship.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

I joined the office on the first week of December and my first day at the office and court was so good. I interacted with him and other lawyers as well and he asked me about the reason I choose law and what inspired me to get into this line of profession.

He particularly asked me about my favourite field of study in law based on whatever subjects we had studied so far and even asked about our future plans. He also said what ever a lawyer can do and shared his best memories in our college during his time of studies.

He usually asks me to come to Court at 10 am each day where I accompany him to the case hearing. After observing he asks me what I learned and teaches the things that have to be noted and learned.

He taught me the entire procedure of a Criminal Trial and procedure followed in each district court and how to approach the clients. And especially he taught me the art of advocacy and how a lawyer can change lives of people.

The office was a pleasant and welcoming space with lots of manuals, journals and books stacked almost everywhere. Each of these was accessible to me and sir frequently asked me to refer to bare acts for every new law that we came across and recent amendments pertaining to Criminal Law and Procedure.

Main Tasks

During the internship, I got the opportunity to come across cases pertaining to almost every major field of law particularly criminal law. I was given different case files by sir and were asked to read them in-depth and prepare substantive questions of law and a timeline for the same.

There were a lot of cases filed in the District Court by him. I got this golden opportunity to visit the District court through him and learned the entire procedure followed in the court. He would give me the case files of every case that gets listed for hearing, to read and form opinions. He would then hear out my opinions on them.

I was given a few clerical works and on which I learned a lot. He used to tell what he argued and what other lawyers argue to support their case.

Good Things

The work environment was the best any intern could look for. He was quite relaxed and easy with interns as long as you finish your work and follow the instructions well. The people in the office were extremely friendly and cordial. Overall the work environment was not rigid, and the experience gained was great.

The entire internship was the best thing. I got the opportunity to visit the district court as most of the cases were listed there. Sir was very interactive and friendly with all his interns. He would even tell me stories of various cases that he handled and would also impart a lot of knowledge on various topics.

The best part of the internship was that sir made me read the important judgment as well to make me aware of the international law system and its functioning. There were plenty of criminal cases that we were given to read and prepare a storyline for the same. Discussions on these cases with sir were often interesting and enlightening.

Sir would often put in the petition the question of law and case lines that I prepared making us feel valued and appreciated all the effort we put in.

Bad Things

There was nothing bad during the entire internship duration.


No Stipend

Accommodation and Commute

The office was near my residence.

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