Internship Experience at Advocate Rajender Chhabra, Delhi: Court Visits, Drafting and Research Work

Name of the Student, College and Year of Study

Prashant Pratap Singh,1ST year 3 YEAR. LLB student, Symbiosis Law School, Pune

About the Organization

Chamber of Advocate Rajender Chhabra, G- 1 Hari Mandir, Opp. B-173 New Moti Nagar, New Delhi- 110015. Near Milan Cinema road. Sir is a High Court and District Court lawyer and mainly takes up criminal matters.

Duration of Internship

1st December – 27th December 2019

How did you apply?

I found the internship through a senior who had put in a word for me and then I sent a mail to legalinternshipdelhi[at] with duration. My mail was replied by Vanya Chhabra in a week about the approval, location and contact numbers.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I had contacted Mr. Chhabra sir day before my first day and had asked him where to report to. He instructed me to report to the TIS HAZARI court directly from where we went to his office in the evening. The office is neatly furnished with a well-stocked library and adequate seating capacity and a comfortable working environment.

My first impression was positive and as I arrived at the specified court in the morning and met other interns who were already there and consequently sir instructed us to ask for a pass over. Then we went to the office where I met sir for the very first time after which he took us to PATIALA HOUSE COURT.

Main tasks

Internship duties generally included going to court every day and preparing a summary for the arguments and going through the case files of the next day, Assisting Mr. Chhabra Sir in drafting applications, complaints and other case-related documentation and performing routine filing duties. You will also be given research work for assisting sir in preparing specific arguments for the cases listed on the next day.

Good things

Mr. Chhabra Sir encourages you to stand by his side while he presents his case and makes his arguments in court before the judge. He ensures that no authority in court stops you from learning while operating within the boundaries of law.

This provides you with firsthand experience at court and helps you to overcome any nerves or hesitation that one might have at such places. This also gives you an insight as to manner and way in which one should present their arguments in court and helps you pick up a few tips neat tricks as to how one can be an efficient practitioner of the profession and work for the betterment of his clients.

As sir takes up a lot of pro-bono cases he in all sense encapsulates the very spirit of the “law being a noble profession” which truly inspires you to work for the needy and for the betterment of the society which is an essential element for a being a good lawyer.

At times when sir is having multiple cases at the same court or at different courts, you will be given the duty to ask for a pass over or adjournments for the cases which are up for consideration which provides you with the opportunity to be familiar with the terminologies and the behaviour adopted in courts.

At times sir will deliberately ask you to draft a whole application or a complaint without any help from his end so that you can apply your own skill and intellect, and then he will give you feedback on the work done accordingly.

Mr Chhabra treats you like his own he ensures his interns are well fed and constantly offers you refreshments at the court as well as at his office which will keep you going for the day.

Mr Chhabra is a Top-notch lawyer and has a plethora of cases due to which he is mostly busy, and thereby you might not always be alloted work without asking for it. But As a student of law, it is your duty to ask for work and keep yourself engaged in the evenings at the office for the sake of learning.

Sir appreciates those who have a hunger for knowledge and those who like to take initiatives and constantly gives them work, this can mean that sometimes you will be required to stay till late at night in the office. The number of things you learn by doing this far outweighs the cost of staying late. Having said that, nothing is ever forced on you. If you are unable to work in the evenings due to genuine reasons you can always leave early.

Mr. Chhabra Sir is very open to conversation and indulges into whatever doubts or questions you might have with regards to the profession. He also makes you a part of any legal discussions that he might have with clients and then gives you valuable tips regarding the application of sections in a particular situation and other handy tricks regarding the drafting of documents.


No stipend


I stayed at my house. There are a lot of PGs nearby for interns needing accommodation.

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