Internship Experience @ Gorkela Law Office, Delhi: Good Infra, Clerical Work, Little Learning

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Name, Institute, Year


Name of the advocate and the office address

Deputy Advocate General Mr. Manoj Gorkela, Gorkela Law Office/B-123A, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi, India.

Duration of Internship

1 Month (May-June)

First-day Formalities

The formalities are we should reach the office on time. The office timings are from 8:00 A.M. till 8:00 PM.

The timings may not suit everybody, as it didn’t suit me because I belong to Ghaziabad. So, it was very difficult for me to abide by this time.

We should maintain the black and white dress code.

My first impression was that it was a workplace with a relaxed environment and that one would do well in this place if one showed enthusiasm and displayed initiative. In hindsight, it was accurate.

One is required to submit his phone as soon as they reach the office.

Good Things

Well furnished cabins, comfortable seats, properly air-conditioned.

The associates who worked under Sir were helpful and had a friendly nature.

The office has a good working space and is well furnished. It has all the modern equipment necessary for working.

One can unlimited access to coffee, tea, soup.

The office is equipped with a Wi-Fi system too.

Bad Things

Working there just taught me how to make index out of judgments, how to just use your physical strength and nothing much from your mental strength. Also, I learned that how your skills can remain constant even if you go there to learn something new every day.

Also, in my experience, the environment created because of constant ordering at times becomes much stressful and demotivating.

Also, while working you can be asked about your personal life, the questions can be- Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you drink or smoke? 


One can also be given a task where he will be handed over with around 2 bundles consisting of around 1400 jumbled pages and the intern can be asked to first arrange them according to years, then arrange them according to cases. Then he will be asked to type and make an index for every judgment.

(Editor’s note, June 15, 2019, 4.10 PM: While the interns don’t realize, such assignments can be useful in making the interns aware of various documents used in a case, and inform them about the case’s journey).

Though I was fortunate enough that I wasn’t assigned with any such works but my co-interns were assigned the work like- find an electrician for office who can work at a low cost, buy a Buddha idol at low cost.

Also, one can be assigned to just type the hard copy of some documents.

Other things

If you intend to work in his office for just a month, then you need to make it clear initially, or else, the office won’t provide with a certificate as he hires interns for a minimum 2 months.


On the conditional basis, if you work well according to the standards, then you can be awarded a stipend.


I didn’t require an accommodation, I used to do daily up-down from my home.

There are places near the office for accommodation. The co-associates can be helpful in finding one.

Note: Internship experiences are shared by individual law students. Opinions expressed are of the author and not of Lawctopus.


Disclaimer: Internship Experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus' official views on the internship. We also do not edit internship experiences (except to ensure readability) to ensure that the intern's voice remains intact.

Disclaimer: We try to ensure that the information we post on Lawctopus is accurate. However, despite our best efforts, some of the content may contain errors. You can trust us, but please conduct your own checks too.

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