Internship Experience at HMJ Vipin Sanghi, Delhi: Make Case Briefs, Arbitration Law Research Work

Full Name of the Organisation

HMJ Vipin Sanghi, Delhi

About the Organisation

I interned under Justice Vipin Sanghi, Judge Delhi High Court. During my tenure of internship, he used to sit in a Division Bench with Justice Rekha Palli. The Bench used to generally hear service matters.

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Mohd Shahid Khan, National Law University, Nagpur, 2nd Year


06th May 2019 to 31st May 2019

Application Process

I applied through my university’s internship coordinating committee, but many CVs were sent and out of that one was selected.

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The committee contacted PS of Justice Sanghi, who later on after the approval of Justice Sanghi confirmed the internship. There was a short interview by PS sir and Law Researchers of Justice Sanghi sir.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

When I went to Justice Sanghi sir’s Court Room which was Room Number 4 Old Block. All the seniors were very generous and very helpful, there was not much of work becuase the bench was not hearing the matters that day. I was given a file to read and to make a sample brief.

Good Things

Justice Sanghi sir was the best part of the internship. He is such a down to earth person very humble, even if you commit a mistake he will not scold you rather he will give you time to do it again.

The other good thing about the internship was the LR’S over there who used to help me out in every possible way. Other best part was I used to get many Chances to meet other Judges of the High Court which helped me a lot to learn about various other things.

Main Tasks

The main task was very interesting, very engaging but also tiring, I was supposed to make a brief of about 6 files daily, and brief about that file directly to Justice Sanghi sir, and these matters were taken up next day in the court so what you tell to the Judge was what he knew about the case, although he also used to go through the file in jiffy to time.

Sometimes the file was a cakewalk but most of the times it was a tough task, but then there were LR’S who used to help me out. I was also given research work after I was done with files and briefing.

The other major task which was assigned to me was, I was supposed to make a brief of all the important judgements/orders passed by Justice Sanghi sir in the year 2015, which majorly were Arbitration Matters.

Bad Things

No such bad things.


No stipend was given and this was mentioned in the letter which was forwarded by PS sir to the administration block of the High court.

Accommodation Commute

I have my own flat in Delhi, but there are various PG’S available near the court. I used to commute by metro which was less time Consuming and cost effective.

Other Info

I used to sit with the Senior Advocates During the lunchtime, during that time they used to discuss their matter or something about the court or history of the court, it was one of the things I used to do to chill and cut myself off from the work.

Other things were I used to sit in the Chief’s Court that is Court Room Number 1 the then Chief was Justice Rajendra Menon, a great Judge and his court used to be the best to listen a judge scolding the advocates.

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