Internship Experience at Advocate B P Lohani, Allahabad: Make Case Briefs, Court Visits, Criminal Law Research Work

Name, College and Year of Student

Divyanshu Joshi, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, B A LLB 3rd Year

Full Name of Advocate

Advocate Bharat Prakash Lohani, Allahabad High Court, Uttar Pradesh, India

Duration of Internship

Summer Internship of 1 Month from 1st July to 31st July 2017

Summer Internship of 1 Month from 1st August to 31st August 2018

Manner of Application

I applied by mailing my CV and a recommendation letter from my college.

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression and Main Tasks

There were no first day formalities as such. On my arrival, I was warmly welcomed and introduced to many senior lawyers of the Allahabad High Court. Sir used to sit in his chamber along with one of his senior advocates so on the first day I went to his chamber which was full of law books, case files etc. and my first expression was that I will have to do a lot of work.

The chamber though not too good was spacious and properly organised.

On the first day, he told me about the basic procedures of the court. Then we together went to visit the High Court premises. He also took me to the meditation centre where I was able to gain knowledge about alternative dispute resolution methods.

With this my first day ended well. From next day onwards, he used to teach me important topics of Criminal Major Acts along
with their practical application. We covered 2-3 topics each day. I was very delighted about the fact that he had so much knowledge about each and every topic and he took out time from his busy schedule to teach me.

Other than this I was given the task to visit various courtrooms and make case briefs of important cases. He also told me a little about drafting and pleading. He also introduced me to some of the judges of the High Court.

I was really impressed by how he used to put up his arguments during trials. This internship was really very beneficial for me and I was able to learn about the practical aspects of the law.

Good Things

The best thing about this internship was that Sir used to take me with him wherever he went. He was very humble and made me comfortable from the very first day. Each day he used to spare time from his busy schedule to teach me and clear my doubts regarding the procedure of the court.

Bad Things

There was hardly anything bad in this internship except the fact that the chamber was not too comfortable and on some of the days I hardly had any work to do.


No stipend was given.

Accommodation and Commuting to Office

Since I live in Allahabad, I had no problem in visiting the Court which was a distance of 4 kilometres from my place. For those who and not residents of Allahabad, a number of PGs and Hostels are available near the High Court.

Anything Else/What We Did To Chill Out.?

Sir and I used to go to the nearby tea shop and have snacks. This was an inseparable part of our daily routine. I used to have cold-drink while he used to have hot-tea in the super-hot month of July.

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