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Internship Experience @ Senior Advocate Arun Kathpalia, Delhi: Life of a Lawyer is Not Easy

Name, College and Year

Suprabh Garg, 3rd Year, B.A. LLB. (Hons.), National Law University Odisha.

Organization and address

Chambers of Senior Advocate Arun Kathpalia, D-398, Defence Colony, New Delhi, India.

Duration of Internship

May 2019 [1 Month]

How I applied?

I had directly mailed Arun Sir at his personal email id and had subsequently followed up to secure my internship.

One can also reach sir by calling his office at 011-24646691. One should ideally apply 1-2 months prior to their desired internship dates.


10 A.M. to 8 P.M., Monday-Saturday. However, one can leave early if the work assigned to him has been done.

First day formalities, infrastructure and first impression.

On my first day, I had to report at the office at 9:30 A.M. The grandiose office is situated in a posh locality of Defence colony, adjacent to Lajpat Metro Station.

I was then assigned to one of Sir’s junior associates- Mr. Angad Mehta, whom I had to directly report to. I was then introduced to all the staff members and associates in the chamber.

The office is well built, with classy wooden furniture and thousands of law books all around the walls. Arun Sir has a separate classy chamber and all the associates are assigned separate cabins to carry out their work.

Main Tasks

Arun Sir is famously known as the King in Insolvency Litigation. He deals with around 7-8 Matters pertaining to IBC per day at both NCL(T/AT) and The Supreme Court. He also deals with various matters pertaining to Companies Act and Arbitration Act.

Angad Sir, Sir’s Junior, on the other hand, dealt with various matters of CPC, Companies Act and Arbitration Matter.

The task assigned to internees can be bifurcated in three heads in the area of abovementioned law areas:

1. Research, Research and Research:

The internees are given a lot of research work on the various question of laws relating to Companies Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code and Arbitration.

There is never a dearth of work in this law chamber and one would surely enjoy researching on the interesting question of law.
Good work is appreciated, while faults and shortcomings in the research work are noted and explained in a subtle and polite manner so that we never make the same mistake.

2. Observing Proceedings:

Seldomly, when there was no research work (once in a week), we would rush to the NCLAT/NCLT to see Arun Sir argue flawlessly before the judges. Mr. Hanmant Pawar (Advocate), who is one of the senior associates would give us the list and update us with the matters that were listed.

Also, many times we used to go to High Court with Angad Sir to see him argue exceptionally before the judges in mostly arbitration matters.

3. Observe Conferences:

The best part about my internship was watching Arun Sir’s Conferences. Sir has around 6-7 conference after his court hours. Typically, the clients are big lawyers or Tier 1 firm, associates.

We would be astonished at seeing Sir’s knowledge over company law matters. Sir remembers all the facts and ratio of all the judgements and orders of NCLT/NCLAT and accordingly, he would apply the same to the situation at hand. The conferences were the best part of the internship.

Good Things
  • People were very friendly. Arun Sir was very ground to earth and would always welcome us with a smile at conferences. Angad Sir was very humble and used to treat us like his fellow lawyers. Sir’s oldest junior associate
  • Mr. Hanmant Pawar (Advocate) who organizes all the meetings and matters of Sir is one of the sweetest persons there, who will never keep you bored and will keep you updated with all the matters and give you the file to read. All the other associates were very friendly.
  • I had the privilege of reading files of landmarks matters like Essar, MBL in IBC which are still sub-judice and are about to set a precedent soon.
  • Coffee and Tea is unlimited.
  • If you want to sharpen your legal acumen in the field of Corporate Law- this is the perfect Internships.
Bad Things

Since the office is located at Defence Colony, food was an issue and we had to order food from Zomato or had to walk a mile to the nearest restraint, which was again expensive affair.





The experience you receive is priceless.

Accommodation, Commuting to Office.

I stayed at a flat in East of Kailash. However, one can also stay in a PG/Flat at Lajpat which is five-minute walking distance.
The office is at a two-minute walking distance from Lajpat Metro Station (Gate No. 3). So one can avail the metro service.


Life of a lawyer is not easy. You have to work very hard to achieve success.


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