Internship Experience at Advocate Ajay Digpaul, Delhi: Legal Research Work, Make Case Briefs, Observe Court Proceedings

Full name of the Lawyer, City and State

Chamber of Advocate Ajay Digpaul, Central Government Standing Counsel, Delhi High Court.

About the Organisation

All types of matter were taken by Adv Ajay Digpaul, but because he was Standing Counsel Central Government, he largely dealt with Union of India cases. All Civil and Criminal cases of Union of India were taken up by him.

Student Name, College and Year of Study

Mohd Shahid Khan, National Law University, Nagpur, 2nd year of Study


13th November 2018 to 13th December 2018

Application Process

I applied to an Organization Named: Think India and according to you CGPA and ACHIEVEMENTS I was alloted Advocate Ajay Digpaul. Though for application in the Organisation for Internship you’ll need Letter of Recommendation from your University.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

As I was in my second year, I was told that I don’t know much and the very first day I was asked to directly report at the Delhi High Court, Court Room number 38 and was asked to wait for item number 57 to be called, I didn’t know what is an item number, so I asked the Advocates nearby as to what is item number.

When the item was taken up and Sir marked his appearance, I met him and he told me to sit in different Court Rooms and observe the proceedings. I was not asked to accompany them to the Chamber on the first day.

Main Tasks

As matters were related to the cases of the Union of India, I was not asked much to do. I was supposed to sit in courtrooms where our matter was to be heard. For the first 15 days, I just observed the courtroom proceedings.

Then after two weeks I was asked to research for various case laws and was also asked to make possible arguments that sir could argue, but this was just an exercise to keep me engaged because none of those arguments was taken up by sir. I was also asked to do a little bit of drafting. The daily routine work was making case briefs for sir.

Good Things

The atmosphere of Chamber was the best thing. It was very rare that I had an opportunity to meet sir. I was supposed to work with his associates who were damn cool and helpful. But I would like to mention here that the clerk of sir taught me a lot more things than the associate did.

He taught me how to file a case, how to make an application to get a file from the court for reference etc things. Overall the atmosphere was chill and good. But if you want to learn something you’ll have to ask for work.

Bad Things

Here I would mention that for the first 15 days I did not have much work to do.


No stipend was given.

Accommodation Commute

I stayed at Blossom PG. And used the metro to Commute for work

Other Info

The cafeteria was the place where I used to chill, the best things were Biryani and cold coffee. I also used to sit in the Judges Library for my project work after I was done with my work because the library has got some awesome books over there.

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