Internship Experience at Abrise Legal, Mumbai: Trademark & Copyright, IPR Research and Drafting Work

Name of the Student, City and State

Pragati Pradip Dadas, 5th year, ILS Law College, Pune.

Name of the Organization

Abrise Legal, Mumbai

Address: E-712, Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Opp. Infiniti Mall Andheri (West)-400053.

Application Process with contact details

You have to send your internship application, along with your CV at info[at] I got a confirmation on e-mail within a week. Otherwise, you can take a follow up by calling them on their landline contact number.

Duration of an Internship and timings

December 10, 2019, to December 31, 2019.

Timings: 10:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Generally 6 days a week. But you can get an off on Saturday, sometimes.

First impression & first-day formalities

Advocate Richa Joshi, the founding partner of Abrise Legal, took a very short interview on the first day itself. She asked me about my previous internship experiences, what all I learnt over there and my area of interests and gave me an introduction about IPR.

Main Tasks

Main tasks included mostly the filing of Trademark, Copyright, Designs applications, to read the files of different IPR law cases. I mainly dealt with the drafting work which included the drafting responses for examination reports, Counter statement, Representation sheets, Reply for the search reports (Designs) and Power of attorney.

Also, I have drafted the Partnership Deed, few clauses of Manufacturing agreement and clauses of Return-Refund-Exchange policies, Terms and Conditions for a website. Learnt the procedure of filing the applications for the various IPR registrations.

Work Environment

The work environment is really positive and makes the interns feel good about coming to work. If you are not aware of anything, you will get to learn the things here and will get guidance during the task performance. This justifies your internship to a great extent.

Ma’am was always ready and willing to help every time in my work. She also sometimes had fun with interns and tends to make the atmosphere light, yet healthy by sharing her own experiences.

Best Thing

I was not having any kind of experience for working in IP Law Firms but the way my mentor explained to me the things I have developed my interest very soon in this subject and learned a lot many things by this internship. She is the most supportive mentors I have got for my internship so far.

Ma’am used to give us regular lectures on drafting and filing procedures of Trademark and Copyrights. She is not only patient enough to listen to your questions but she will answer your questions till the time you get that answers printed in your head.
The best thing is here, whatever suggestions you give during your work are valued a lot.

Biggest Lessons

You must have heard that nobody is perfect but if you work here you’ll know that you have to be perfect at what you do. Showing that you are passionate about the work will make a lasting impression that could benefit you in the future when it comes to asking for a reference.

Just be well versed with your research because every time you submit your research you have to answer a few questions regarding your research. Internships can be a lot of fun, so relax, get to know new people around you and enjoy yourself!

Bad things

According to me, there are no bad things while working with this firm. You Just have to be attentive to your work here, and more importantly, don’t be crazy, they will train you.


Yes, you get a stipend. Basically, it depends on the work you do.

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