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Internship Experience at A K Mylsamy and Associates LLP, Chennai: Make Case Summaries, Article Writing


About the Organisation

A K Mylsamy and Associates LLP is a well-equipped and professionally enriched Corporate legal firm.

Student Name, College and Year of Study

M Kavitha, School of Excellence in Law, BCA LLB (5 years), 4th Year


17th December 2018 to 17th December 2019

Application Process

To apply, the resume and Cover letter should be sent to the official email address as on the firm’s webpage wherein they review the same and revert back as per their requirements.

In the second stage, your profile will be reviewed and the authorized person would call you for the personal interview.
In the third stage, you will be given a questionnaire which is just to assess and get to know you on a personal level.

So there will be questions about why you chose this as a profession to what your goals are and how you can contribute to this firm, and the interview will take place on the same day wherein the partners would interview and if they think you are fit in all aspects to contribute to the Firm you will be selected.

They take these internships very seriously because it is one whole year of commitment and even though it is just 3 hours per day, they see the bigger picture of retaining the interns because learning is always on the long term.

First Day Formalities Initial Impressions

My first day was a jam-packed reading session (You know, the most important sections being 7,9,11,29,53 and so on) I was made to get acquainted with this bible to be able to understand the fundamental differences involved.

The firm accommodates a distinct portion in the office wherein only researchers get to work which was my first impression. Further, the ambience around the office was extremely satisfying.

Main Tasks

Summarization of cases has been my forte for this one year and still continuing to be a part of them. My role as a legal researcher with AK Mylsamy & Associates primarily dealt with the reading and summarizing of cases and generating content for the firm’s portal (http://ibccases.com/).

There is more to summarization than just what meets the eye. IBCCases.com is a website where case summaries are made available, and the link of the order is attached as well for further in-depth reading. So, after we have been acquainted with the Law, we are given a template to work on.

Every couple of months depending on the workload and the number of interns, we are shuffled and allotted benches. Now, I take care of 2 benches but previously, I was doing one alone and another I was sharing. The whole process could be tedious in the beginning but once we get the hang of it, we know what to look at in judgment and how to go about the summaries.

Each bench is different and so are the judges. There is constant learning and apart from summarizing the NCLT benches, we are also allotted Supreme Court and NCLAT Cases as well.

Once we are done with these allotments, we are required to pick cases that have changed the law as we see it/interesting/well-defined cases to present them to the partners.

This happens once a month, again on a rotation basis, we are required to pick and choose where that 1-hour session is a complete knowledge exchange process. Mr. Mylsamy sir also accompanies us sometimes on these presentations.

Good Things

The summarization of cases proves immensely beneficial in sharpening my social and legal skills. I am also on developing contacts with a holistic group of people which is the key in any field as concerned. Perfect ambience and supportive environment to improve skills.

Working hours are relatively less (3 Hours) and hence it saves time to do other things without having the need to sacrifice on the things I enjoy. The firm also engages us to write articles on topics that are of current relevance and that gets published in their monthly newsletters – The Law Tree.

There is a separate joy that’s attached to reading your own summaries on the website, and it looks really good on the CV as well, because I believe that a Lawyer’s work is everything. They cannot afford to be good in one aspect and slack in another. They should be able to do it all.

Bad Things

No exposure to the court proceedings even though we deal with NCLT cases because that’s also on rotation basis based on the number of matters in the Court.


Rs. 2,000/-

Other Info

Reading numerous pages do not tire me considering the nature of my work. Further, my legal skills are refined on account of reading orders from various benches throughout India.

This has also immensely helped me in my communication skills, the presentations that the firm takes very seriously, we are taught many things on the way. It’s not like any other internship, because there’s overall development considering we have a year long’s training.

So, considering that we have been given exposure to summarize, write articles, participate in meetings and knowledge enriching seminars, this internship was definitely worth a year and there’s a lot more than you can achieve/learn in one year than in a one-month internship.

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