Internship Experience @ Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (AALI): Lucknow Based Feminist Org.: No Guys (!), Good Lunch Discussions

Name College Year : Udisha Ghosh. Symbiosis Law School, Pune, IInd Year

Name of the organisation: Association of Advocacy and Legal Initiative , AALI (Lucknow)

Duration of Internship: Four Weeks (16th November-18th December)

Sundays were off . However the timing for the interns was comparatively flexible. We were expected to reach by 10 and were allowed to leave by 5.

Accommodation: Since Lucknow is my hometown, hence I stayed at my own personal residence. However , there are some nice PGs nearby where few of my co-interns used to stay.

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However, travelling to the NGO may not be a big issue . Since the place has an easy availability of the buses in every few minutes.

First impression, first day formalities: The first time I entered the office of AALI, I presumed it to be a good big, warm office.

But contrary to my wishes, the office was in the house of a retired judge of the High Court.  Therefore the office was quite small.

So it was quite disappointing at first. Another major thing to remember that it is a woman run feminist NGO, so  guys are not allowed to work either as interns or otherwise.

But finally I met Mrs Renu who was my internship coordinator .

She was a strong and dynamic woman. She gave me an overview about the whole NGO .

About the NGO: AALI (Association for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives) primarily works in the sphere of combating violence against women in their domestic or professional lives and advocating the right to choice and decision making in sexual relationships.

Main tasks: I was introduced by the case work unit  to AALI, where one of my major works was media scanning on cases relating to gang rape, dowry death, communal violence, child sexual abuse ,honor killing and other similar cases.

Also , I had the opportunity of going on field visits to the various offices such  as that of the SSP office and the Legal Service Authorities, for retrieving information about the cases .

I believe  I had the opportunity of reading the cases and meeting the victims, giving me a better glance of the realities of the horrified honor killing still prevalent in certain part of Uttar Pradesh.

Furthermore, I also had an opportunity of witnessing the counselling session of a husband, who had been alleged for committing atrocities on his wife. AALI also provided ground for conciliation of such couples.

I also made a presentation on  Protection of Children from Child Sexual Offences Act,2012 and my internship coordinator Mrs Renu gave me an insight how this act operates and helped me in analysis the procedural flaws in the act.

Good things and Bad Things:

The good thing about AALI is that it has a  really good library. So  in my leisure time I used to go and read books and journals.

Also the whole staff has the lunch together. This is the time for interaction for all the interns and all the members of NGO. The lunch table was the time for discussion for the various contemporary feminist topic like the legislation passed for protection of women from sexual harassment at work place.

Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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