Internship Experience @ Ashok Mundargi and Associates, Mumbai: The Best an Intern Can Get #MustRead

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

Ashok Mundargi and Associates, Located at Churchgate, Mumbai.

Team of about 7-8 lawyers and assistants.

Application Process with contact details

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I contacted Mr. Hrishikesh Mundargi, the second most senior lawyer of the firm and the son Mr. Ashok Mundargi who is the senior most. His email id

I had to pursue him over 2 to 3 weeks and write many emails but later he finally agreed to take me on.

Sometimes when a CV is not enough to judge a person he also insists on an interview, as I came to know during my internship.

Duration of internship and timings

7th July 2015 to 4th August 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day I was called directly to the court and met the staff and other interns there.

Sir only told me to get used to the court layout and processes so I stayed there and in the evening went to the office for an hour.

Not much work but I was made to feel very welcome.

Main tasks M

ainly I helped sir with the drafting of notices and other legal documents as well as researched any and everything he asked me for including case law and provisions of the law.

I also attended court and arguments with sir. He kept all the interns fairly busy but only rarely expected anything to be done from home.

Work environment and people

Both are really awesome. Excellent is the only word I would use. All the seniors are supportive and except for one or two emergency cases we were never asked to help out with other seniors’ work.

The clerk, Manoj Bhaiya, kept everyone’s files and schedules in order so we never felt that there was too much work or that something wasn’t clear.

Ashok sir himself is very jovial and loved to call us into his office for certain meetings so we could learn from the way he handled clients.

Best things

1) The work was interesting and mostly criminal law related which was exciting.

2) All the people were very helpful.

3) Lots of eateries in and around the office area ranging from 20 Rs. sandwiches to 200 Rs. thalis and more! so lunch was never a problem!

4) Sir used to take us to a lot of outings for some unwinding after work. He always made sure we returned safely and treated us to awesome street food as well as the best eateries in Mumbai.

Bad things

Nothing really. I would have said no stipend but actually sir took care of most of the heavy expenses so paying for little things out of my own pocket never felt like a burden.

About the only bad thing was when my vacations got over which meant I had to leave the internship.


None at all. But sometime Sir would reimburse any heavy expenses if we claimed them.

Biggest Lessons

In what sense?

Lessons of law? I learned a lot of law points.

Lessons about internships? I would say I learned about what my ideal internship would be like.

Lessons for life? I learned that work and play can go hand in hand very well. And also that the life people at that office lead is what I should strive towards.

Any Other Thing

Just want to add that Mumbai is a beautiful city for an internship and that if given a chance to intern there in ANY firm or lawyer’s office one should not shy away.

The climate, people, tourist places, eateries, the sea itself, and the sea breeze are all awesome and there’s lots of places to visit in your free time.

AND once again that don’t let the no stipend part bother you. It’s really worth it and not very costly.


I stayed in a boy’s hostel called Seva Niketan in Byculla which was a couple hundred rupees a day or so for 1 bed in a 4 seater room. They also have less or more seater rooms with appropriate price changes.

It’s very near the office and I could take the Mumbai local buses everyday, a one way journey of about 20 minutes, for 12 Rs. daily. The hostel had a mess which serves daily food needs for which we paid separately as per our order.

It was good food though very limited in variety. The nearby area is completely non-veg dominated so that was an issue for me but overall getting good food was not too much of a problem either.

Find Sevaniketan on google please. Also note that they have strict admission procedures so enquire carefully beforehand.

Office Timings

My timings were 9 AM to 7 PM to start off but I could go by 10 AM and it never bothered sir except when I had been assigned a task the previous day. Leaving time was also relaxed and subject to work being done.

Mostly since sir stayed in the Court the whole day we stayed with him but if he gave us work we came back and did that.


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