Internship Experience @ AOR Manisha T Karia, Delhi: I looked forward to going for work

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Intern Details

Name: Rhea Matta

College: IP university affiliated with Amity

Year: 2nd

Name of the Advocate

Advocate on Record, Manisha T Karia, South Delhi

Internship Experience

Internships can leave a different impact on every person. The feeling of working under someone who’s so well established can be intimidating yet intriguing. It can leave you thinking how hard a person needs to work to really get there.

What’s the point of an internship? There is a very simple answer to it. The point of an internship is to learn, to build a solid base for the future, to know what its like to enter the real world and to get a feel of working professionally. I think it’s important that all of it should be covered. Otherwise its pointless. If you’re not being challenged and made to think and work on your toes, then how will you learn?

I recently interned under Manisha T Karia, Advocate on Record after completing my second year of law school. This was the second time I worked under her. My first internship after the first year was also here. The question ‘whats the point of an internship” was answered here. I found the full package.

I wanted to join again for mainly two reasons:

  1. I felt like I finally learnt something, not just theoretically but practically.
  2. I left feeling more confident about myself because of the way I was trained and appreciated for my efforts.

Approximately 10 hours of work everyday doesn’t seem very pleasing to a newbee, right? I thought the same. But after working here, my perspective completely changed. I looked forward to going for work. Putting in hours of research and understanding the angle on what is needed to defend the case can really tickle your brain.

That’s when I learnt how to use judgments in our favor. Research is the core of forming a strong case, and if that’s resolved then nothing like it. I even learnt how to chronologically arrange dates of matters that I read.

Getting a chance to witness Supreme Court Proceedings can be really exciting and a great experience to absorb the way the courts really work. All of that was covered. Sprinkled with a lot of care from Manisha Ma’am and the staff, I never felt like I’m not a part of the team.

I think the environment you work under can mold the way you think, and here I was always encouraged and offered help and explained everything, anytime I felt even a little lost.

Hopefully I will encounter places to work like this in the years to follow. Highly recommended workplace to start with. If you want to take back something substantial, this is the place to be.

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  1. Happens in every litigation place. Not a new thing! This is an over exaggeration!?

    1. it’s only the truth. i’m not exaggerating. it was my first internship, and i liked it.
      i think ill be the judge of whether or not it happens everywhere when i intern at more places and keep you posted!



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