Internship Experience @ AMLEGALS, Ahmedabad: Great for Indirect Tax Enthusiasts

Name of the Organisation

AMLEGALS, Ahmedabad

Duration of Internship

3rd January-31st January,2017

Application Process

As I was inclined to do my internship at Ahmedabad. I searched for the law firms and found about AMLEGALS.

With my prior interest in Taxation Law I had visited their website and was genuinely impressed by the sophisticated nature of their webpage. It was fairly easy to find the e-mail ID for correspondence.

I’d mailed my CV along with cover letter to [email protected]. They responded very promptly & I was asked by Mr. Rohit Lalwani for a telephonic interview.

After a telephonic interview in which he asked about GST law, my interest areas and about my previous internships. I shortly got a confirmation mail from them.

First Day Formalities and Infrastructure 

It’s a petite but well equipped office with a common place to sit for both associates and interns. The thing with interning at AMLEGALS is that there is a lot of one-on interaction.

There was not a lot of formalities, as  Mr. Anandaday Mishra, founder Advocate of firm was out of station and was expected to return by evening. I was introduced first to  Prateek sir and was asked to read a file and find judgments pertaining  to legal issued involved the therein.


The firm deals in Indirect Taxation, Corporate laws, IPR and other Commercial and Civil laws. Anand sir specializes in Indirect taxes and is enthusiastic academician who focuses on “quest of learning more”.

As he emphasis more upon reading and learning new things my main tasks were to research on various law questions and other issues pertaining to cases on the docket.

I did a good quantum of work relating to Arbitration, Excise and Custom Laws.

Apart from that I had prepared a detailed reports, case briefs and wrote articles on various aspects of GST Model law. One can easily get drafting work if they wish to learn.

Work Environment 

The work environment was Conspicuously Informal & I personally enjoyed my time with associates.They were warm and forthcoming with all kinds of advises, from careers to restaurants.

Almost everyday i learn something new from Rohit sir and Prateek sir and we can discuss about cases on docket, movies, sports etc.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about interning at AMLEGALS under Mr. Anandaday Mishra is you get to see a lawyer at a peak of his profession.

Apart from being Friendly, fun-loving, easily approachable among all he takes care of all associates.

He does not differentiate between associates and interns. If you do not know something you can be unhesitant in asking him & you will learn a lot by just having a conversation with him.

Working with Rohit Sir make me realize how one can be the combination of 3 D’s i.e. Dedication, Discipline and Desire in this profession.

He always answer every query and extend his help you to understand about legal issues.

His fun-loving attitude adding on his witty jokes and sarcastic opinions about different things keeps one enjoying work.

The most friendly and one who understands interns very well Prateek Sir is an encyclopedia of knowledge & anecdotes which he shares freely with everyone in office.

He always inspires one to know about new things,exploring this profession and truly defines the saying that this profession is Sky’s the limit.

The only con about this internship was that it seemed very short &time  absolutely flew by when we were working.

Lodgings In Ahmedabad 

One can find abundance of PG’S near the office so it won’t be difficult to find lodgings.

The area around office is full to the brim with Eateries so that won’t be a concern either.


Firm does not remunerate his interns but the knowledge & hands on experience one gains is more than sufficient to compensate for the lack of any pecuniary incentives.

Biggest Lesson Learnt

Mr. Mishra embodies the essence of being a lawyer and his work ethic does rub off anyone who spends time working with him.

Apart from that my research skills strengthen and along with best working environment its an overall great learning experience.


Disclaimer: Internship experiences are opinions shared by individual law students and tend to be personal and subjective in nature. The internship experiences shared on Lawctopus are NOT Lawctopus official views on the internship.

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