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Internship Experience @ AMLEGALS, Ahmedabad: Learnt to work systematically in the chaotic legal environment!

By: Shruti Agrawal | December 30, 2017

Name of the Organisation

AMLEGALS, Ahmedabad.

Duration of Internship

January 9 to February 5, 2017

Application Process

As I am interested in taxation, I applied for internship opportunity at AMLEGALS. I mailed my CV along with cover letter to Rohit sir at [email protected].

Within 2-3 weeks, I got a confirmation mail. (As per my personal experience it was a hassle-free process and they were very adjusting about internship dates).

First Day Formalities and Infrastructure

As per office rules an intern is supposed to report at around 09:30 AM in formal wear.

I reached office at around 9:30 AM on my first day. My first impression was that it was a small and cosy office. There was a common sitting area for associates and interns outside Mr. Anandaday Mishra’s (founder Advocate of firm) office.

I was introduced to Mr. Mishra on my second day of internship. He was very encouraging and welcoming.


The firm deals in Arbitration, Indirect Taxation, IPR and other Commercial and Civil laws. Anand sir specializes in Indirect taxes.

We were given current case studies which required us to do intensive research. It helped us to obtain intricate knowledge of various subjects.

We were allotted work as per our interest. I preferred and opted to work on GST and various cases on indirect taxation.

Work Environment

The work environment was very friendly and cooperative. We were given flexible lunch breaks which were accompanied by informative legal and non-legal discussions.

The associates were very understanding and were lenient about sick leave. Prateek sir and Rohit sir were extremely encouraging and supportive. They always helped the interns with their work and were lenient about working hours (which includes reporting late and leaving early).


The best thing about interning at AMLEGALS is that you learn to work systematically in this chaotic legal environment. All the associates were very focused and dedicated about their work.

Anand sir works on the principal of legal ethics. He does not compromise with his ethical values to win a case. Moreover, he encourages learning environment. He does not maintain a hierarchy of associates and interns. All the interns were free to directly seek work from him and to discuss any issue or finding regarding any case.

He is a very patient listener and used to give very valuable feedback. He helped interns with their doubts and used to encourage them to work better.

My internship was not limited to learning. It was an extremely enjoyable experience. As per AMLEGAL tradition, interns and associates are treated with free movie tickets. (In my case it was Raees).


The only con about this internship was that it got over so early.


The firm does not remunerate interns. However, the knowledge & experience (including enjoyable experiences) that one gains is more than sufficient to compensate for the lack of such monetary benefits.

Biggest Lesson Learnt

The most valuable thing that I learnt during my internship at AMLEGALS was that patience always pays-off. It is very important to do a proper and full-fledged research and one must not stop after finding one good argument.

It is always better to have at least two three judgements, if possible recent and from Supreme Court, for every legal argument that you might have.

All the Associates in AMLEGALS worked on the same principle i.e., quality is better than quantity. Rushing might cause you heavily.


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