Internship Experience @ Alpha Partners, Noida: Research on Corporate and Banking Law, Learn About Real Estate Law




Alpha Partners is a full service corporate legal consultancy firm, originated by Mr. Akshat Pande in 2012. Its primary focus areas were Corporate transactional Practice, Dispute Resolution Practice, Compliance and Regulatory and Intellectual Property Practice.

I interned here with two other students from my college itself. On the first day, we were welcomed by Mr. Kunal Arora, an Associate Partner at the firm, also an alumnus of Symbiosis Law School Pune.

All of us being a part of the same University helped in breaking the ice on the first day itself. Other people at the firm consisted of Mr. Sumit Roy, another Associate Partner, Ms. Shabnam Khan, Partner and Head of I.P., Ms. Richa Hingle, Associate and Mr. Akshat Pande, the founding and managing Partner at the firm.

All of the people including Ekta Ma’am, the receptionist were extremely friendly and welcoming towards us.


I had fixed working timings from 10 am to 7 pm. On most days, the time extended till 8 or 9 pm in the evening owing to the pressure of completing the allotted task. However, no intern was allowed to leave before 7 pm.

The lunch break was an one hour break from 1 pm to 2 pm. However, we were allowed to have coffee and tea prepared by the office staff throughout the day.

Saturday and Sundays were off which sort of acted as a compensation for the days when my co-interns and I had to stay back till 10 to finish the work we were supposed to submit the next day.


The work environment there is pretty impressive; the interns have a separate intern’s room where we had individual desks to ourselves.

The Associates and Partners either used to call us to their room for assigning work or sometimes just visited our room to seen who is free for doing their work.

They were strict and particular about the type of work they expected from us and about the deadlines we had to adhere to.

I got the opportunity to work under all the Partners and Associates as everyone allotted work to interns on an impartial basis, which subjects us to a variety of work.

Also, me being a 2nd year student was not affluent in the field of Company Law, so keeping this in mind, my supervisors explained various concepts to me before I could proceed with the work assigned to me.

They had various books in their office which were available for us for research purposes. Along with that, access to legal search engines like SCC Online and Manupatra were also available for enhanced work output.

Another significant aspect of a healthy work environment was that I had cooperative and helpful co-interns which resulted in a positive atmosphere.


The main task assigned to me primarily comprised of Research and preparation of short notes.

Some of my research topics included ‘Compromise, Arrangement and Amalgamation’, ‘Real Estate Regulatory Act, 2016’, ‘Banking and Insolvency Code, 2016’, ‘Public Private Partnerships’ and ‘Model Concession Agreement for Railway Development’

Apart from research, I was asked to prepare short notes and power point presentations. One of my co-intern and I prepared a power point presentation on “Copyrights and Plagiarism in India” along with a short note on “Banking Ordinance”.

The interns were even asked once to proofread and retype an Agreement to Sale as per the instructions given to us. Although, I never got to read any case file during the course of this internship, however, I researched certain case laws for the Litigation Partner.


Out of all the things that I learned through this internship, the most significant one was punctuality and responsibility. Apart from this, I got great exposure about Company Law and Intellectual Property. These were the two main laws which I did research on.

One of the most commendable learning was that my co-interns and I prepared a Compliance checklist of Labour Laws for IT Service Provider Industries for the State of Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab.

Another interesting assignment like the above one was that I was asked to prepare layman answers for Legal Forum Queries related to Real Estate posted by common people on

Through this exercise, I got to know how these queries posted online by resolved by advocates and firms like these.


The best things about this internship were the associates and partners who were young and understood the mind of the interns. Also, they were extremely supportive and not at all disinterested in their interns.

Once, Kunal Sir took special efforts to teach us about the Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) and other real estate related information. We really appreciated this act of his.

Similarly, all other partners and associates including Akshat Sir himself explained various new topics to us and then made us work on it which acted as a boast to our level of knowledge about aspects of Company Law and Copyrights.


I am no one to find faults in any organization. However, if I had to point out one thing that I disagreed with in this internship was, that we were given no stipend.

The amount of the stipend could be as meagre as possible, but would have still acted as a gesture of appreciating our efforts which would have motivated us for future endeavors.

All of the co-interns there put in more than their hundred percent and the amount of work that we did could use a little gratitude.


All in all, this internship was an enriching experience for me. It provided me with an abundant amount of information about the inside of a Law Firm.

The only disadvantage for me during this internship was that I had not yet studied Company Law and Intellectual Property Rights, which somehow acted as a setback in the course of the work assigned to me.

Had I known better, I would have contributed better than I did. Nevertheless, this internship did justice to interns by actually providing us work to do.

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