Internship Experience @ All Maharashtra Law Reporter, Indore: Read 1000 Judgments in 3 Months, Stipend of Rs. 20,000

Internship Experience at

Your Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Husain Ahsan, Renaissance Law College, Indore. 3rd year, [email protected]

Name of Organisation, Location city, Team Strength

All Maharashtra Law Reporter, Editorial office in Indore, 12 people

Application Process with contact details

What if I say, I got this internship through my contact? But no!!

Basically, my college got the internship opportunity letter from ALLMR at that time, I was having a cup of tea with my friend and at the same time got a call from Faculty-in-charge of PAT (Placement and Training Cell) asking me to take this internship opportunity.

There are basically 3 steps to getting into ALLMR.

Step 1- Telephonic interview in which they ask few general questions regarding central acts.

Sep 2- There is 4 test, which you’ve to clear.

Test 1- Comprehensive passage 500 words (2 questions)

Test 2- Comprehensive passage of 2000 words (10 questions)

Test 3- Head-noting – Read the full judgment (5 pages) and find out the law point.

Test 4- Head-noting (2 judgments) – This time you get the judgment of 20 pages each.

If you succeed in test 1, you’ll test 2, test-2 than 3….so on (If you’re unable to clear test-1, go back to home!)

Step 3- Interview (PI) with the founder of ALLMR Reporter, first they ask you to give a brief introduction of yourself, be confident enough to say. Lastly, if they’re impressed they will discuss the nature of work, Stipend, Timings etc.  (Let me tell you, I was very nervous at this stage)

No matter in which University you’re – clear above test and internship is yours.

For internship mail me your name – I’ll give you their E-mail id. (take initiative)

ALLMR has its offices at Mumbai, Nagpur and Indore.

Duration of internship and timings

2nd January 2017 to 31st March 2017. (3 months)

Representative image of the intern at work 🙂

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was asked to report at the office at 10 (as discussed during the interview). But fortuitously, on 2nd January 2017, I woke up at 9:30, leftover with 30 min. to reach office. You people are getting the image of mine? Somehow what I managed to reach office at 10:03 am.

I saw 10-12 peoples already started working for the day, and I was introduced by my senior (Mr. Deepak Sahu) and I was given a cubicle for rest of my internship.

My cubicle has following things: A new chair, table and very interesting “19th Century Monitor”. Very large, now I can barely see my table.

The first day was just an introductory day for me and my enthusiasm was on the cloud nine, my senior explains to me everything’s about Law Reporter, Journals, proof-reading, Headnotes etc.

The Same day I was assigned some work related to proof-reading, and I’ve to find out mistakes made my human error. Besides the fact and nature of work, the infrastructure of the office was moderate, and the building was in very pathetic condition.

As such there was no formality to sign or anything like that; all things were done/discussed at the time of interview.

Main tasks

Editorial Internship was always been my dream internship, as I stated working with ALLMR

Their main work is to take all the judgments from Hon’ble High Courts and The Supreme Court of India and cite them in their Law Reporter/Journal which is further referred by advocates of Maharashtra.

ALLMR Indore editorial office has 4 Departments.

1st – Placing Dept. – 4 people –  Receives judgment in .pdf form than converted into word and place them in page maker so that they can set according to their format of Law Reporter – afterward they send that judgment in the form of .pdf to the printing press for the printing.

2nd Dept. – 2 people – CD online Dept. – Receives the judgments from placing Dept. and uploads all those data in CD.

3rd Dept. – 2 people – Website – Their only task to upload all cases on their website.

4th Dept – Editorial Dept. 3 peoples (including me) – Head-note – Proof-reading – Here’s my Dept. The most important Dept. of the Law Journal.

My main task is to read all those judgments and make head-notes (try not to make more than 50-80 words) for the Reporter/Journal.

Main Task 1 – After the first week, I was assigned to write an article on law topic(s) taking into the consideration that those articles are going to read/referred by the general public who are not well acquainted with the legal terminologies.

I’ve written articles on PIL, RTI, NIA, Registration of Trade & Union, Divorce, and IPR – Trademark and Copyright, and much more.

Main Task 2- Proof-reading – second most essential task in the editorial office is doing the proof-reading because errors are made by humans only.

On the daily basis, I’ve to read 15-20 judgments of HC/SC and find out the mistakes (ALLMR has their own format which is called placing – they place HC/SC judgment in their format while placing often they commit errors.)

From the starting of my internship till 1st week of the 3rd month I did proof-reading. In those 60-67 days, I’ve read almost 1000 judgments from HC/SC.

While reading those judgments I’d perceived the arguments by leading Sr. Adv. Like Geeta Luthra, Siddharth Luthra, S.P Dharmadhikari, etc. and many APP, AGP, PP for the State.

Main Task 3- I like the most, actually I would love to do since I joined ALLMR. THE HEAD-NOTE.

In the 2nd week of the 3rd month, I was given a chance to make head-note for their Reporter/Journal, so I did.

That’s my cup of tea! I enjoyed reading all full-length Judgments and finding law points and making head-note. Though I wasn’t perfect at Headnote in the starting, later on, I improved on that.

Misc. month wise – 1st month was marvelous, as I’ve started working for them, I enjoyed very much.

2nd month – This is the most disheartening month for me, I made up my mind, and gave the resignation letter to my senior. (My senior insisted me to work for ALLMR in a very decent way).

I wasn’t enjoying that much as I was in the first month, every second day I used to tell my mother that, I don’t want to go to work, I want to leave.

3rd month – is the mixture of the first month and second. But I was happy too, because of that Good Stipend.

Work environment and people

At first, I found some sort of problem talking to people, as they are only work oriented always… Coming on time- leaving on time – work-work-work and work.
Later on, the Work environment was friendly.

The person I liked the most – Ramji (Placing Dept.)

Mr. Deepak Sahu, Senior (Editorial Dept.)

Ms. Sarika Mam (senior most Editor) as she taught me how to make head-notes. She is the finest Head-noter ALLMR has. Brilliant! Like Hats off to this lady.

Best things

‘Stipend’ – I learned the Goddamn drafting for the Journal – For me that’s the best thing I’ve ever had.

My articles are published!

Headnotes made by me are published.

Bad things

Nothing!! I am not supposed to disclose all those things for whom I’ve worked. (Note from an Honest Intern)


20K (20,000) – yes Twenty Thousand bucks bro!

Their motto is they don’t hire people to work for them free, they pay you something back.

Biggest Lessons 

1st.  No matter what, how good you’re they will try to suppress you (that seniority) – Be silent.

2nd. Make your word your bond. (Coming & leaving on time is important.  But what more important is your words towards your work. Complete your task ascribed to you.

3rd. Always be good to people.

4th. Admit your mistakes, even though you’re correct because there are people to let you down.

5th. Do your work most efficiently, that’s the only thing makes you apart.

Any Other Thing

How Law Reporter is made.

Read judgment –Make Head-note – Proof-reading – placing – Proof-reading – printing – Book


Don’t know anything about accommodation as I am a localite.

If you’re not from Indore, you can contact me on my E-mail.

E- [email protected]

Office Timings

Normally, the timings are from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Mon-Sat)

My timings were from 10-5 🙂

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