Internship Experience @ Advocate Sailesh Mehta, Vapi, Gujarat: A memorable internship experience

Name Of the Intern

Asmita Jain, Amity Law School-2, Noida, 2nd year

Advocate. City. Office Address. 

Sailesh Mehta. Vapi 2, Koparli Rd, Kemp’s Corner, Adjacent to hotel Fortune Park Galaxy, Opposite Nagar Seth ChaGuhmber, Golden Town, G.I.D.C , Vapi, Gujarat

The Office of Advocate Sailesh Mehta the best advocate in my hometown ‘Vapi’, Gujarat . It is located in the prime location of the industrial town i.e., GIDC.

He has got 2 offices separated by the main road. While he works in the old office i.e the prime one, his sister works in the new office and handles the work.

I interned under him in his old office. I was asked to reach by 10 a.m. daily and and leave by 6 p.m. in the evening but I was also given a 2 hour Lunch break in between in which used to go home.

The office was small and neat . It had a cabin for Sir while a reception room for all of his staff and clients to sit. All the staff members were welcoming and sweet.

I didn’t got paid for the internship as it was my 1st experience working under a law professional with zero experience.

Duration of my internship

Well I started going to office from 30th May 2015 to 30th June 2015. I was asked to come to office for 6 days in a week and engage myself in the new experience.

1st day

On the 1st day I was introduced to my Sir Advocate Sailesh Mehta and his employees. They were friendly and welcoming. I was asked to sit inside the Sir’s cabin and witness his meetings with clients until I met Ms Heeral patel who was Sir’s assistant and handled his daily work in the court i.e, the 1st Magistrate Court in Vapi.

I accompanied Ms. Heeral to the court where I was asked to sit in the Ladies Advocate Room until the 11 a.m.

That is when she took me around to see the whole court which was a 4 storied building and consisted of many courtrooms and actual prison cells where the prisoners were held who committed some major crimes until the were called for the hearing by the judge.

Also I met many other lawyers who asked me to introduce myself and also guided me for the court practise. I left the court at lunchtime and went to office where Sir asked me about my 1st day in court while wanting the explicit details of my conversation with the judges as I was the only intern in that court during this period.

Later I was given a lunch break after which I was asked to study the sales deed agreement in the office and also hear the conversations going on between Sir and his clients that afternoon.

Later on I had conversation with Sir and he explained me about his work and the field I am about to pursue my career in. And then I got to leave the office as my day got over.

My Work

I used to go to the Court daily in the morning while I was asked to work in the Office in the afternoon. I had a great experience while working under his guidance and witnessing the daily court trials among various groups of people.

I witnessed proceedings between lawyers fighting for cases between drunk driving, murder, illegal possession of liquor, illegal exchange of liquor across the union territory and the state, divorce, not fulfilling the sales deed agreement, cheque bounces and various other issues.

I once happened to witness a divorce proceedings in which the husband was not present and his advocates only argument was that he was stuck in Mumbai due to heavy rains while his wife was standing there and she came all the way from Pune just for the trial.

The judge gave the husband a warning and asked him to pay for his wife’s conveyance for every trial that will follow.

Also a couple of cases were going on about cheque bounces. The arguments presented by the lawyers I used to write them in the notebook I used to carry to work everyday.

Daily I used to see the judges asking the lawyers present in the Court for any of the cases they had to present in front of the court. Then one day one of the judges asked me which case I wanted to present and when I told him I was an intern, he started laughing.

I couldn’t get to witness more cases as such it was a holiday period in the courts during that time. But I really got to learn quite a bit that the court proceedings which we expect when we are made to see in the films n television series is not true.

I also got to know that mostly the lawyers preferred to get the next date for their case rather than really fighting to prove they are right. Once there was a group of villagers, all summoned in the case of transferring of liquor illegally. They all had appeared only to get the bail in the same case.

I also used to witness a lot of gossiping among all the advocates who used to sit in that room before going to the judge to present their cases which was like they just wanted future dates.

There used to be no. of criminals in every courtroom with the policeman handcuffing them or if not handcuffing them then keeping them under their supervision.

The only day my Sir used to go to the Court was Wednesday. He used to finish all the Court work every Wednesday of the week. He got his clients case put up on any Wednesday so that he could work other days in his office.

Also he used to wear colourful ties which he used to be proud of and appreciated when I gave him a compliment for the same.

Later on I used to go to Office in the afternoon where he used to ask me to study the Indian Penal Code  when there was quite a crowd in the Office. Other times I used to help in doing the notary and work with his staff.

I also used to hear the problems of his clients and made notes about the same.

Once a family came who wanted to remove the widow of their son from the will of the family so that the money could be transferred in their other son’s name. But Sir immediately declined to do anything regarding the same and also forewarned them to not do the same otherwise they could land in the jail.

Once an elderly couple came who wanted to remarry and I made them sign the papers for marriage and also countersigned and stamped their marriage registration of papers.

I also read the papers of the various sale deeds agreement and learned how they are made. Also I registered a contract of very renowned company who had bought a land in Vapi for 40 crores to set up their plant.

I even got the building papers of some known family friends made and they were pretty much surprised to see me working over their papers.

Sir also gave treats in office to everyone once in while by ordering the local staple food of our place ie, the Vada Pav. I asked him those times the need to treat his office staff, his only reply was that he believed in keeping his employees happy so that he could keep working efficiently.

I learned quite a lot under him and since it was my 1st work experience after completing 1st year I enjoyed a lot there. It was a good start and Sir was a great mentor for my 1st experience.

I am in touch with him since then I always will be after that one month I spent training myself under him.

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