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Internship Experience @ Advocate Rajesh Banati, New Delhi: Learn the Basics of Procedural Laws

By: User Submitted | November 6, 2015

– Anonymous.

Name of Organization, Location (city), Team Strength

Rajesh Banati, Delhi, 5

Application Process (with contact details)

Email your CV to [email protected]

Duration of internship and timings

1st July to 26th July and timings are from 10:30 to 6:00.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

First day was very good.

He introduced all his interns to the associates and we were allotted the work.

He has a nice huge office. Computers were allotted to all the interns

Main tasks

Advocate Rajesh Banati mainly  practices in High court of Delhi and  The Supreme Court of India .

He mostly deals with civil law cases  which are mostly related to issuing of writs and Special Leave Petitions.

Although you also get to learn on Intellectual property Cases related to trademarks etc.

Work Environment and people

Work environment was good and associates were very friendly.

Best things

We could meet many senior advocates through sir and he always introduced us to them whenever we came to courts with him. Through interactions with them and by observing them we learnt so much more.

Bad things

Some associates were bossy and considered themselves superior as they had graduated from top notch law schools.



Biggest Lessons

Listen to sir properly. He is very calm and composed but gets angry if you mess up with his work.

Any Other Thing

He has a very good knowledge about civil law and shares it with interns when he is free from his work.

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