Internship Experience @ Raj Birbal and Raavi Birbal, Delhi: Great learning experience, sophisticated infrastructure

Name, College, Year

Aravind P L and Pynkmen Rymbai, 2nd Year, Law Centre 1, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi

Name of Organisation, Location city

Office of Mr. Raj Birbal, Senior Advocate and Ms. Raavi Birbal, Advocate

A-11, South Extension Part-II, New Delhi -110049

313  Lawyers Chamber, High Court of Delhi, New Delhi-110003

Application Process with contact details

You have to send your internship application, along with your CV and cover letter at [email protected] 

In our case, we got a phone call from the office for the interview. The interview experience was nice.

Duration of internship and timings

February 10, 2019 – March 102019.

Timings:  Adjustable timings for interns.

Experience and Infrastructure

Raj Sir and Raavi Ma’am are focused on various issues. We benefitted from real-life practical experience in the field rather than the college and books. Infrastructure is very sophisticated with separate cabins with computers for interns. The ambience of the office was positive and very neat and clean. The library was delightful with a rich collection of books.

Main Tasks

Main tasks included research on various aspects of labour, service, constitutional, commercial, company, contractual, civil, competition, taxation,  etc.  We visited Delhi High Court an several courts many times. From that experience, we learned that only these practical experiences mould a good lawyer.

We also got the opportunity to attend conferences with various corporate clients. We also helped Ma’am to prepare many powerpoint presentations on various relevant topics, we learned new concepts by this process.

Work environment and people

The work environment is pleasant. One can directly approach Raavi Ma’am as well as Raj sir. They were very patient to clear even our minute doubts. For the aspiring interns/ law students, who think that they will not get to interact with Seniors. On the contrary, you will get enough interaction & sometimes interaction may lead to discussion i.e. beneficial for interns.

The associates and other office staffs are always ready and willing to help interns in their work.

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