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Internship Experience @ Chambers of Advocate Pravin H Parekh, New Delhi: Strict about deadlines but cool about having fun


Name of the Intern

Rohit Mahawar, 4th Year Student, Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Name of Organisation

Chambers of Padma Shri, Senior Advocate Pravin H. Parekh, Supreme Court Of India.

Office: R.K. Jain Block, Lawyers Chamber No. 134. Supreme Court Of India, New Delhi

Nearest metro to Supreme Court: Pragati Maidan (Blue Line)

Team Strength

There were 3 associates in the chambers of PHP Sir along with two stenographers.

Duration of Internship

1st August 2017-28th August, 2017

Timings during the Internship Period

Internship under Pravin H Parekh Sir is literally something where you can actually gain knowledge on how advocates work on briefs. As per their guidelines PHP sir works 7 days a week and he expects his interns to do the same which is not a burden if you actually want to learn and gain knowledge.

Reporting time to chamber (Monday- Friday): Chamber No. 134, R.K. Jain Block, at SHARP 9.30 A.M because sir arrives by 9.15 am and that point of time he needs all his staff members and interns to be there.

There is no fixed time to leave the court; leaving is possible only when sir leaves. Generally after 5.00 pm.

On Saturday and Sunday, you are asked to report at 11 A.M. to his home cum office.

Sir used to practice both at High Court and Supreme Court.


Application Process

Application Process is very simple; one has to apply to the  E-Mail: [email protected]

Please Note: Apply before 6 months and if slots are free, you can get the internship.

Main tasks at the office and chambers

  1. Reading case briefs and making note of it.
  2. Drafting “list of dates” of upcoming cases in courts.
  3. Learning the art of drafting Writ Petitions and PILs. Sir use to make us sit when the associates use to draft the petitions and PILs and asked us to help the associates in the same.
  4. Drafting Affidavits related to PILs and Writs.
  5. Researching on different case laws
  6. Reading recent news and keeping ourselves update about the same.

Best things

Best things of my internship was to work in a routine and kind guidance of the people working there, they are strict at the time of work and deadline but very cool when it comes to having fun. Office atmosphere is so amazing there at both the places (in chamber & office cum residence).

Another best thing was Supreme Court Canteen where you can have a lot of fun with you co-interns or friends if they are also there. I had my friends also there working with others lawyers in Supreme Court so in lunch time we all use to gather in canteen and enjoyed the 1 hour fun daily.


There was no stipend given in cash to me. But materials given in kind were more than cash. At the end of my internship, I received my certificate signed by PHP Sir.

Biggest Lessons

One of the biggest lesson sir taught me is there is no shortcut to success other than hard work. if you want to achieve something then work hard towards your ambition. Being a lawyer is not easy you have to be very punctual regarding your schedule and also be very genuine in delivering your services to the clients.

PHP sir used to ask daily about the work done by the interns in the evening and sometimes he used to give some research work in the morning which you have to submit him till evening( deadline).

Sir always says that today many of the law aspirants believe that being a Corporate Lawyer sitting in a lavishing room and dealing as their. but being a corporate lawyer it requires atleast 10 years of litigation experience.

Ideologies of PHP sir will help you to do better in your legal career.

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