Internship Experience @ Advocate P K Sandhir, District Court, Hisar: Court Visits, Good Environment

Name, College, Year of Study, Email ID

Rahul Sehrawat, Institute of Law, Kurukshetra University, 3rd year

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Advocate P K Sandhir, Hisar.

Application Process

I applied for internship at Mr. Sandhir’s by directly contacting him for the purpose of internship.

I got to know about him from a family friend who is also an advocate.

Duration of internship and timings

1st July – 31st July (9 am – 4 pm)

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

I was already excited and keen to intern with Mr. Sandhir.

The very first day of my Internship was crucial for me as it is for any intern so as to leave a good impression on the minds of the people at the workplace.

I wore a black suit and reached the Courts’ Complex at 9 am sharp as I was told to do so.

I took his permission to enter the chamber and he welcomed me with warm greetings and also introduced me with the fellow interns and junior counsels.

I was asked to bring a diary or notepad to jot down the cases to be heard for each day before leaving the chamber. Now, we were on our way to the courtroom.

He briefed me with the facts of the case while speeding towards the courtroom and told me that it was a rape trial and he was going to cross examine the prosecution witness.

This was like a boon to me as I am more inclined towards Criminal Law.

I was asked by one of my seniors to carefully observe and notice the language and tone of Mr. Sandhir while the cross examination and the way it affects the witness and her statement.

This was the part where I had learnt some of the technicalities of advocacy.

Main tasks

One generally gets to see a huge variety of pleaders in the District Courts. You find some of them very articulate in their speech and some are going to blow your mind up.

I was sitting in the Courtroom for a matter to be called up where I was analyzing the way the different pleaders presented their case and acknowledged that most of them used to speak in Hindi and even in their local languages which were barely comprehensible.

This was unlike the High Court where you find all the silver-tongued lawyers with a fine quality of language.

One should definitely opt for an internship in the District Courts in the first year where you get to know about the reality i.e. how the Court actually works, how the drafting is done, the procedure which is conformed to during the trial, the location of the specific Court, the jurisdiction of the Courts and a lot more.

Work environment and people

The environment in the chamber made me comfortable, the senior interns were helpful, the junior counsels taught me the functioning of the court.

Best things

Overall, my experience in the District Court was fascinating and very informative. And I am pretty sure that this will add up to my advocacy skills in the future.

Bad things

There was nothing as a first internship it was a great experience.



Biggest Lessons

If one is attentive and craving for knowledge, there is a lot to do and learn from but in case one tends to be lethargic and does not pay heed to minor details in the surroundings, even god cannot help .

It is worth noting that a clerk working at a lawyer’s chamber knows far more than a student of first year.

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