Internship Experience @ Advocate MC Premi, Dwarka Court, Delhi: Small places are the best places to learn!




My first internship was in High Court under a Senior Advocate, Sandeep Sethi. Even though I was just in my Second Year, I still expected to learn a lot and be occupied with work.

But none of this happened. Blame it either on my over-efficient Advocate, who believed in doing most of the work himself or maybe on the fact that I was just in Second Year and was believed to not know much.

However, the next time, I wanted to be very sure about my internship. So I decided to intern at a Lower Court, since here you get to learn a lot more.

Hence, I interned under Advocate MC Premi, in Dwarka Court.


I have been to High Court and few District Courts and expected Dwarka Court to be similar to other District Courts, most of which are not clean. But to my surprise, it was not only clean, but maintained quite well. So that was one of the things that made me happy on my first day.

I was expected to reach by 9:30. Then I had to search for my Advocate’s chamber and meet him.

He came across as humble and sweet and asked me about my interests. Having done that, we went to Court Rooms for the proceedings while an associate explained to me the case on our way.

We went for different PROCEEDINGS in different rooms, which were on different floors and so most of the time we were running from one place to another.

Finally we got free around 12 and went to the chamber. Sir had to deal with some clients and so I was asked to read files of the subsequent proceedings.

The LUNCH Time starts at 2 when you can see everybody heading towards the canteen on the ground floor. There are two canteens, one for lawyers and another for common people. I went to the canteen and had a nice lunch which was easy on my pocket and as well as tasty.

After the lunch, I was asked to do some RESEARCH WORK in the library. The library has a good collection of books and personal computers to use internet.

By the time it was 4, I was permitted to leave as there was not much work.


Since I wanted something different from my last internship, I was satisfied that that happened. The work load was not much but at the same time neither was I too free. I was occupied most of the time and whenever I was free, I could talk to any associate and learn a thing or two, as everyone was helpful.

Also, I got the opportunity to witness the beautiful DWARKA MEDIATION CENTER as my Sir was one of the Mediator. So every Thursday we used to go for Mediation, which was a different experience all together. I mentioned it to be beautiful because it’s not every day that you see a pretty office in Courts.

There was a small tea counter just in front of the chamber and so there were many relaxing tea breaks.


The work environment was really good and everybody was helpful and informative. There was a problem of strike during the mid of my internship, because of which there were no Court Proceedings.

I learnt a lot, as a District Court is where all the main work is held and it’s the basis. I made many contacts which I’m sure will help me in future.


One of the bad part of my internship was that there was a STRIKE, because of which not many Court Proceedings were held and it became quite monotonous.

Another part was my CO-INTERN. Even though it is not much of importance but it becomes one when there are only two interns and you have to talk to the other one as sometimes you’ve been asked to do a research together and also when you’re a non-smoker and still have to accompany your co-intern for sutta breaks. Yes, it’s irritating.

Also, no stipend.


The best part of my internship was that I was asked to handle a case all by myself. From the part of meeting the client and filing the complaint, to discussing it with my sir, everything.

I got to know the problems from basic level and of the common people, which are not discussed much. You learn how difficult life is for most of the people.

Sir is very knowledgeable and used to help me with many things. Not only that, he used to have general discussions with me, which is rare because of the busy schedule of the Advocates. Still, he managed.

Another good part was experiencing the Mediation Centre, which was new to me.

I got a good environment to work in and helpful people to guide me and help me in my future prospects. This one month was full of learning for me. The timings were flexible, they started from 9:30 till the time there was work.

Any student who really wants to learn the basics, should opt for Lower Court instead of High Court, as many students find it beneficial to opt for the latter and even Supreme Court for that matter.


On the last day I was provided with a certificate, blessings and wishes for a successful future.

I’m glad I could be a part of this internship.


In case you want to contact him, you can call his peon, Neeraj at 9911472866.

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