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Internship Experience @ Advocate M Aravind Subramaniam, Chennai: Fantastic Support System of the Office

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Advocate M Aravind Subramaniam, Chennai

Application Process

Either visit the office or mail your cv. The address is: Advocate M Aravind Subramaniam, Caithness hall, Second Floor, Old No:157, New No:323, Linghi Chetty Street, Chennai Р600 001

Duration of internship and timings

June 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

The day stated with me entering the office an putting on the blazer. It was my very first intern and I had no clue of what was happening around me at the office. The confusion din’t last for long, since my senior had briefed me the entire system in minutes.

I had to set out for the court visit in another 20 minutes, I had no clue of how a court would look like. I¬†started to visualize something similar to what the movies what portraying all these years. I imagined that I would hear few of those “objection” “over-ruled” “sustained”.

But after the court visit I realized that all these were just too much dramatic. The real life court scenario was very much different, The sub-ordinate courts were pretty small and occupied. The high courts were comparatively massive. The court of the CJ was marvelous. The ancient architecture of the High court at Chennai is astonishing.

My office had ample space.

Main tasks

I was taught the basics of administering a law office. I used to observe the proceedings at court till 1:30, after which I head to the office and do a little research work on the cases, finding relevant citations etc.

Tracking case proceedings, and posting letters to clients about the status of their cases were the other things that I handled.

Work environment and people

My senior and his sub-ordinates were very much interested in tracking that I learn many things everyday. I was free to pose queries on any matter.

Best things

My senior had a fantastic “support system” of the office, I learnt the importance of such system and of the essential things to get an office running. How to use the developing units of technology in administration, how to deal with people , were areas of curious learning.

Bad things

I dint find anything as such. I had just a month’s vacation. When I¬†was getting the hang of certain things, I¬†had to end it up. If I¬†had a briefer span of time to intern, say 2 months, that would have been very much beneficial.



Biggest Lessons

Administration is as much necessary for a lawyer next to advocacy, aptitude and attitude, and especially for the ones who wish to runt heir own law offices or consultation firms. Client-relations is a keen credential indeed.

Above all, Court and it proceedings are not like what the Indian movies portray.Mooting may just give you a some-what similar experience. Intern, and you will know it.

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