Internship Experience @ Advocate Gursharan Kaur Mann and Advocate Partap Singh Mann, Punjab & Haryana High Court, Chandigarh: Criminal Law Matters, Lots to Learn


Duration: 5th Jan 2016 to 25th Jan 2016

Lawyer: Adv Gursharan Kaur Mann and Adv Partap Singh Mann

Stayed in a P.G.: Sec 8-C, H.No. 1047, Chandigarh, Contact no 9780283833. It is at walking distance of 20-25 minutes from High Court.

My friend called me and informed on New Year’s Eve that we have secured internship in Punjab & Haryana High Court under an Advocate of Criminal Law, it was so exciting that I (a would be lawyer) got the chance to learn in the High Court.

I was looking forward for an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience in the court and personal experience of living in the Green city.

I had to live in a P.G. with my friends but had not found one yet. So, I lived with my school friend in Panjab University, Chandigarh. I had heard a lot about its awesome life so I enjoyed my 2 days stay there.


When I stepped down from the bus for High Court I saw the wall that read PUNJAB & HARYANA HIGH COURT and it was like I have come to the world where I belong. I went to the chamber of the lawyer and she gave us an hour to visit the court. Le Corbuiser has designed a beautiful High Court with a Grand Entrance.

Then we appeared in the court and my first case was of family matter where a son was accused of beating his father. We represented the father and got the son imprisoned for 3 years for such immoral act.

I along with my lawyer appeared in the court in many cases of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) and felt great pleasure when I saw how seriously and genuinely the matter is taken by the judges and their positive response to curb the problem of drugs by awarding severe punishments to the convicts without any fear of the power of the convicts.

I witnessed a case of Marriage Protection in one of the courts where I realized that the Judges look into the matter so seriously that they called parents of the Bride and the Groom to reconcile the matter and build a bond between the families and between parents and their son or daughter who ran away.

I also visited the Maal Khaana of the court where all the weapons related to a case or items seized in a case are stored. The guards were so cooperative that they allowed me to enter and showed me so many guns and other tools used by the convicts.

The Lohri celebration in the High court is a day to remember! I saw lawyers and judges enjoying together a lot when they are restricted to do so in the court room because of their profession.

Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi was the Guest of Honour and made us laugh till water started rolling from the eyes out of happiness.

I along with my friends used to go to the Court of the Chief Justice whenever we got a break. The court room was so huge and beautifully built. We witnessed proceedings of so many Constitutional matters there and the proceeding went so peacefully and beautifully that I could feel Justice being done there.

It was very enriching experience working with my lawyer and got the chance to find legal provisions and arguments in favor of her case. I also translated F.I.Rs., Applications, Witness Statements, etc.

She also taught me the way arguments should be presented. I also helped her in framing legal arguments. She taught me a lot about practical application of law in the courts and taught me how law work in real life and not as I learnt in moot court competitions.

Along with working I got a chance to appreciate the beauty of Chandigarh. It has a lot of natural beauty to enjoy.

After work I and my friends used to roam around in Chandigarh and visited the markets till the time we felt ‘Yes! I can still walk.’ The food in Chandigarh is so delicious that you cannot stop eating till the time you feel your stomach is about to burst.


This internship was an excellent opportunity to learn and yes, I did learn a lot. I got to meet so many other lawyers who are a dream to watch when they argue their case.

I have learnt how to present your argument, frame your arguments, and support your point with already decided cases and a lot more.

The advocate gave us a farewell treat as well shared her experience when she started practicing. She also made my experience in the court so knowledge oriented as well as filled with fun to learn something new.

The thing that motivated me a lot more to be a lawyer was the beautiful bungalows and luxurious cars of lawyers that I saw when I used to walk from my P.G. to the Court.

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