Internship Experience @ Advocate Ramesh Rawat, Saket District Court, Delhi

Name of Organisation, Location, Team Strength

Advocate Ramesh Rawat, Saket District Court New Delhi

Application Process

Directly go and talk to the concerned person. If you are looking for a regular lawyer under whom you can get easily intern then go their chamber in Saket Court, talk to them and you are done.

Duration of internship and timings 1 month, timings would vary depending on the cases the scheduled for the day.

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

BORING ! I went to him and he asked me about myself. As soon as I told him I am in the first year he was sure I didn’t know much about criminal and civil laws.

He has a good chamber with an AC fitted unlike other chambers.

Main tasks

Main task was to accompany him to the court room, hear the proceedings, carry his files and write down if I had any doubt so that I can clear them later on.

Also, to get a different date for hearing or get the copy of judgement.

Work environment and people

Well it was just me and my lawyer. So the environment wasn’t really loud.

If I had a doubt, he used to explain it with a smile and that’s it.

On other times he was busy dealing with clients.

Best things

Going to the courtroom for the first time is really great. You get to see how the things really go around. There are lawyers who don’t have time and others who are standing on gate and asking people for work.

The way proceedings are held in district court is very different from what we visualize. Often the witnesses are sold for money.

Bad things

Nothing much to learn.



Biggest Lessons

I wasted my time interning.

As I interacted with my senior I came to know there are so many things left to learn.

Don’t waste time sitting in courtrooms.


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