Internship Experience @ Adv. Jayant Bhatt, Delhi: Learnt a lot of things that are not taught in law schools

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Name, University & Year of study

Shivrit Dhadwal, University Institute Of Legal Studies, Chandigarh University, Mohali (2nd Year)

Name of Organization, Location City

Mr Jayant Bhatt, Advocate, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi.

Duration of internship and timings

17th December 2018- 7th January 2019

How to Reach

The office is located at A-71, New Friends Colony, New Delhi.

Nearest Metro Station: Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station

Application Process

Send your internship application, along with your CV at

First Impression, First Day Formalities

The reporting time was 9:30 AM. I still remember the first day of my internship, I was very excited and when I reached the office, there was no one except a boy at the reception, who told me that everyone including sir and the associates have gone to the court.

I sat there waiting for someone to come. I was offered a glass of water and then a cup of tea, and before I could take the first sip of tea, the telephone rang and the boy at the reception received the call and briefed him about me that there is a new intern. And then the boy told me that sir wants to talk to you!

I had no clue, who I was talking to, I introduced myself, and then he told me to go the District Court, Saket as the Charge sheet will be filed that day in a Rape Case!

I noted all the main points, The Court Room No., Name of the Judge, Item Number, etc.

And then took the case file and rushed to District Court, Saket with my Co- Intern who joined the office on the same day.

After reaching the court, rushed to the courtroom, there neither the accused person nor the Investigating Officer was present, so an NBW was issued.

Now the main question was, what NBW exactly was?

This was something I wasn’t aware of. And then I asked a lawyer inside the courtroom, and then he told us that NBW means a Non-Bailable Warrant.

After the matter was heard, I told the associate about the case, that an NBW has been issued. And then I was told to ask the reason, why the NBW was issued.

Again went inside the courtroom, having no idea whom should I ask, again I went to the reader who was already irritated because of some reason I wasn’t aware of, I asked him the same thing about the reason why the NBW was issued, to which he answered since the accused didn’t come to the court the NBW was issued.

Then finally came back to the office. And then an associate told me to reach the Delhi High Court tomorrow.

I thought there might be some hearing in the Delhi High Court, but it was something which I didn’t expect, that was the filing of matters, which is a tedious yet an interesting work.

Reached the Delhi High Court and was told to get a “Certified Copy Form” from the Typing Pool. Again had no idea about what a Certified Copy Form exactly was. Later on came to know that to get a certified copy of a court order, the form was required. After filling the form, deposited the form on a counter and they gave a slip and told me the date to collect the required document.

After this, went to the Delhi International Arbitration Centre to file an application and deposit the fee.

And finally, came back to the office.

In the evening Jayant Sir called me and my co-intern inside his room.

We both were extremely delighted after meeting him.

The next day, again went to the District Court, Saket for a case hearing. When I reached there, no one was present on behalf of the State and the complainant was present, so the matter was delayed. In the meantime, I decided to file a matter in the Family Court. For that went to get the documents Xeroxed, 3 copies were required. 2 xeroxed copies were to be attached in the file along with the original document copy.

And then was getting the “Welfare Stamp”, Now I had no Idea from where will I get this welfare stamp, Now I was feeling as if the big fat law books which I read were worthless, as it is nowhere mentioned in any law book, from where one can get a “welfare stamp”. I asked a lawyer, and then he told me that I can get a welfare stamp from the Library. I rushed to the Library and finally got the welfare stamp and filed the matter in the Family court which was actually a Divorce case.

These are some small yet very important things which the law schools don’t teach.

Main Tasks

The interns worked on criminal cases, consumer cases, matrimonial cases, PILs, and got to learn about the various aspects revolving around litigation.

Main tasks included mostly the research work pertaining to Criminal Law and basic drafting. There were many interesting cases regarding Rape.

Apart from the research work, I attended the hearings in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court, and various District Courts of Delhi.

Where I got the opportunity to watch Mr Kapil Sibal and Ms Maninder Acharya,  Additional Solicitor General of India arguing in the court.

Work Environment and People

The work environment is really very good. The work environment is really positive.

During your course of the internship, you will never be treated like an intern; you will feel like being a part of that family.

The Associates were, very friendly, helpful and always concerned for the interns and made the interns very comfortable.


No Stipend

Best Things

Firstly, observing the courtroom proceedings in the Supreme Court of India, Delhi High court, District Courts of Delhi.

Secondly, It has now become a trend of interning at the High courts and Supreme Court these days neglecting the fact that all main work happens in the lower courts, and only if you are well aware of the functioning of the lower courts, interning at appellate courts will be beneficial. Mr Bhatt practises in the district courts of Delhi as well, so there were various matters of district courts.

Thirdly, Interns are treated as a part of the family.

This Internship was an amazing experience! Mr Jayant Bhatt is a mentor for every intern.

I will surely recommend this internship for the law students interested in criminal law.

The last day of my internship was a tough day for me as I couldn’t meet Mr Bhatt and it is quite rare that you will find an intern getting emotional on the last of the internship. But, when you have a mentor like Mr Bhatt you will surely miss the place, I never felt as I am working under him, I felt as if it was my own workplace.

I believe you make some of the best memories during your internship and best friends too, and once you are back to your College/ University you will miss the time spend with your co-interns, associates, lawyer and also all the funny incidents happened during the course of your internship.

Also, if you visit Saket Court, do try Gulab Jamun in the Court’s Canteen, they are delicious! ?

Miss you Ishjot, Daniya! ( My Co-Interns)

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