Internship Experience @ Aapka Consultant, Jodhpur: Drafted surrogacy agreement, RTI & legal notices

Name, College, Year

Akanksha Yadav, RMLNLU, 2nd Year

Name of organization

Aapka Consultant- The Consultancy firm, Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

Application Process

You can apply by sending a CV and Cover Letter at [email protected] I got a reply within 4 days regarding the confirmation of my internship. I would suggest not to use your sources for getting an internship else for sure you’ll be stuck in a situation that might not please you.

Duration of Internship and timings

2nd May- 2nd June 2018; 10:00 AM-06:00 PM

First Impression, first-day formalities

On our first day, we went dressed in our formals and realized that there was no such requirement of dress code in the office. We were introduced to everyone and found the work environment very cool and friendly.

Our first task was to thoroughly visit Aapka Consultant website. At the end of the day, we were briefed about the tasks that we were going to work upon during our internship.

Main Tasks

We worked on how to find and where to find the correct legal sources. Besides, we helped in creating a huge database containing information about lawyers across the India.  We were also assigned tasks related to legal drafting. Under the guidance of Sir, we drafted a surrogacy agreement, legal notices and a partnership agreement.

I separately assisted in maintaining an RTI project and comparing the features of popular legal research engines. We all were asked to choose a topic on which we could research well and give a presentation at the end of the internship.

Work Environment and People

Even if I write a lengthy essay on this, words won’t suffice to tell the good time I had there. We felt with them like we were with our own family. From the very first day, we were given a friendly atmosphere to work in. Sir always invited our opinions and encouraged us to think differently.  Not only they advised us regarding the work but also gave suggestions to explore and enjoy the Jodhpur.

In the office, there was every kind of person, from serious ones to mischievous. But everyone was sincere towards their work and very helpful too. In short, work while you work and play while you play was the strategy that was followed in the office.

Best Things

The people over there who treated us like one of them. Sir didn’t expect us to master every work we were given. He himself supervised every assigned task and never criticised badly for committing the mistakes.

Bad Things

I found it very difficult to eat my lunch without missing the good time I had there while sharing our meal. I won’t ever get such a friendly environment in my future internships.


No Stipend.

Biggest Lessons

There is always a smarter approach to complete your tasks.



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