Internship Experience @ Ehsaas – A Street Home for Children [NGO], Lucknow: Teach Underprivileged Children {S}

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Sakshi Mishra

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Ehsaas – a street home for children, Lucknow [NGO]

Application Process

I applied there when my 1st semester got completed. The chairman of that NGO was a friend of my coaching mentor and honestly speaking I gave the reference of my mentor for applying there.

Duration of Internship and Timings

8th January, 2015 – 28th January, 2015

First impression, first day formalities, infrastructure

It was a chilled winter morning when I went there for the first day formalities. I went there, sat and saw the creativeness of the children who are brought up in the place which was called Gharonda. I filled up the form and went for a survey in the main office.

Main Tasks

My main tasks were to educate the children, teach them, handle the legal works statistics and also the field works given by my chief mentor.

Work Environment and People

The ambiance and the children were extremely friendly, even they accepted me so well that they addressed me as “didi”. I used to get overwhelmed, when after the school we used to sit together and pray and have the lunch that was prepared for them. the children and the people working there made my job more easier and comfortable with their warm and friendly attitude.

Best Things

The best thing and the most satisfactory thing which I did there was educating the children. I really liked that part of my internship when children at the place used to come to me and would ask for help in their studies.

Basically, legal and paper work was my duty but the work which I was not supposed to do, I enjoyed it even more.

Bad Things

Not exactly the bad things, but the thing which irritated me the most, was the field work in that chilled winter evening. It used to be tiring as well as freezing. but anyhow, I managed.



Biggest Lessons

Biggest lesson was that cherish whatever you have, because there are people who even don’t have what you have in your life.

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