Internship @ EduLegal, Pune: Education Sector Law Firm, Good Work Environment, Rs. 1500 Stipend

edulegal law firm pune, internship

Name. College. Year of Study: Palak Pathak, 3rd BSL.LL.B, DES Law College, Pune

Name of the organization. City: EduLegal, Pune.

How big was the office? Team strength? : The office was located on the 4th floor of a commercial building near Bund Garden in Pune. It had three cabins, cubicles, sitting area and a conference room. The office comprised of 17-18 working professionals.

Application procedure. Internship contact details : EduLegal required interns to help them in their new projects. The interview was conducted in the college and a total six interns were selected. The contact details for internship can be found on the website of the company.

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Duration in weeks. No. of days/week. Timings: The duration of internship was two months and so was the time to complete the projects. The timings were from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm.

Accommodation: how, where, how was it? : I am staying in a PG accommodation near my college for the past two years. The distance from my home to the office was approx 5-6 kms.

First impression. First day, formalities etc.: We all were excited to meet Adv. Ravi Bhardwaj, head of EduLegal. The first leg of the day began with a meeting with Adv Bhardwaj where he briefed us on the nature of the work that we were required to do while on internship.

This was followed by an informal introduction with the staff of the company who gave us a warm welcome.

The working environment was conducive and we enjoyed working with the team.

Main tasks: EduLegal, as the name suggests, is a Law firm that deals with the Education Sector. First, we were assigned to research on the pending bills related to education and also to make a power point presentation of our research work.

My work included researching on National Commission for Higher Education and Research Bill of 2011 with one of my juniors. After the completion of this task, my next presentation was on the types of education in India like higher education, technical education, vocational education et al and the various acts that are related to them.

I was instrumental in preparing draft legislation for regulating the private coaching institutions/sector of a ‘State’ (can’t be disclosed) along with other interns on the project.

Besides working on this bill, we had filed RTIs to most of the private universities and the concerned states for their Detailed Project Reports and their acts or notifications. We are still receiving feedback on the same.

We were also involved in conducting Due Diligence for investment in a management institute in Pune.

Work environment, people: As mentioned above, the working environment was friendly and we were constantly guided by our seniors in the company.

Whenever we stumbled upon a problem, we were rescued as the employees of the company treated us more like their colleagues than mere interns. We were soon joined by interns from Symbiosis Law School and ILS, Pune.

Best things? Having lunch with the staffers in the conference room which would, in the afternoons, convert into a dining room. We all would gather in the one corner and share our lunch. We were often humbled when Ravi Sir would order lunch for us.

The tea breaks were never so interesting where we would indulge into mouth-watering samosas, puffs, rolls. And to top it all was the garma-garam chai that was prepared in the office itself.

Bad things? (Nothing is all good): Can’t recall except for the overhead ACs that would ‘cold waves’ would often give me goose bumps. But the warmth of the people made it the most comfortable places.

What did you do to chill? Co-interns, colleagues: We would often hangout at an awesome bakery, ‘Oven Art’, where we hogged puffs, pastries, subs, burgers and other eatables. But unfortunately, the bakery has shut down now.

We would also enjoy at Parantha King, Madhuban and other eateries like Dominos, Faaso’s. We also had fun at dance and music sessions and were often treated to moonwalks by fellow interns.

Stipend/ month: Rs.1, 500.

Anything else you’d like to tell: It was a mix of education and enjoyment.

Biggest lessons: Always keep the habit of writing down your research work in your notebook, diary or simply by making a hard copy of what work you have researched. This will help you in the long run.

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