Internship @ Eastern Book Company (EBC), Lucknow: Diverse Work, Great Learning, Super Strict Enviro, Books as Gifts

 Albert Einstein once remarked that “the only source of knowledge is experience”

Name. College. Year of study. Email ID

Nikunj Agarwal, Dr. RML National Law University, IInd Year

Name of the organisation, City, Office Address, How was the office? Team strength

Eastern Book Company, Lucknow.

The Head office of EBC is located in Sringar Nagar, Lucknow.

The Head office is spread over three floors.

Each Floor has a different department altogather. Interns are given a place on the Second Floor of the office.

The best part (or maybe worst, depending on your preferences) about the “intern Corner” was that, the interns were given such a position from where they can be watched at all the times.

The office of the managing Director was right next to the “intern cubicle” and he could keep a watch on all the interns through a large glass window (not a very comfortable location for sleepy interns!).

Apart from that, the ‘intern supervisors’ had their cubicles right next to the intern cubicles which reduced the possibility of interns not focusing on the work to zilch.

The Second Floor of the office houses the “SCC Online Department”.

It is this Department where the interns are primarily accommodated. This department roughly contains fifty to sixty people.

Duration of internship

I interned at EBC in the Month of June 2013 while I was in first year of my legal education.

The internship guidelines at EBC are very categorical and non-negotiable when it comes to work hours.

The Duration of my internship was Four Weeks. The internship duration is calculated a bit differently at EBC.

Here, rather than Counting the number of days, your work hour is calculated.

Every intern has to work for a pre-defined minimum number of hours for the duration of the internship. In case you skip an hour (e.g.: if you are late to office, you have to compensate that loss of work hour by working for one more hour either on the same day or through a number of subsequent days). 

Application procedure? Internship Contact Details

The Internship Committee of RMLNLU provided me with the opportunity to intern at this Organisation.

However, you can contact Ms. Guneet Kohli, the HR Manager, for internship details. EBC has a policy of taking only four interns at a time therefore it is recommended that you apply in advance.

Once your application is accepted you will be called for a written test.

The interns are selected on the basis of their performance in a written test which lasts for two and a half hours. The test essentially scrutinizes you on your grammatical skills, Logical acumen, legal knowledge etc. 

Duration in weeks. Days of work per week. Timing

If you want to understand the importance of the minute hand of the clock, then internship at EBC is recommended.

One of the best part and also the most uncomfortable part (I believe for the benefit of the interns) is the work schedule for interns at EBC.

At EBC the interns are treated at par with any other employee of the company and therefore similar work hours have to be followed.

As mentioned earlier, EBC has a policy of calculating work hours as well so therefore, you have to be very particular about work hours. The office works for Six days a week for eight hours (on an average) daily. You are expected to reach at sharp 9 o’clock and cannot leave the office before 6:00 pm.

However, on Saturday interns are allowed to leave an hour early. In case you take a leave from work (for an hour / day etc.) you have to compensate for it by working for equal number of hours at the end of the internship. 

First impression, first day, formalities

On the First day of internship, many of us had the first experience of signing an agreement.

The work culture at EBC is highly professional and equally welcoming. On the first day of internship, the interns are required to sign a “non-disclosure and internet utility agreement” with EBC.

The SCC online department has very strict codes of conduct both for employees as well as interns. On the first day, every intern is given a locker in the locker room.

The use of this locker is “to switch off your indispensable mobile phone” and lock it up in the locker for the next eight hours of the day ( yes, for all those mobile phone addicts out there , this place is a reformation and rehabilitation centre as well !).

You also need to “lock up” any other electronic gadget that you have with you.

The office does not allow you to be accompanied by anything which can connect you to the outside world! (Yes, mail services, social networking sites and news websites, to name a few, are all blocked on the intern computers.)

As you would have sensed it by now, every intern is given a cubicle with a Personal Computer and stationary.

Moreover, you get a very comfortable location to work where the managing director, the manager through the close circuit cameras and the two intern supervisor keep a constant watch (No probability of you dozing off at work).

Before you begin work, the manager personally introduces the interns to the two intern supervisors who would be delegating the work for the duration of the internship.

A brief description of the organisation is given by the supervisors. The best part is that, on the First day the editors themselves teach you how to use SCC, and other law reports and references.

After all of this is done, largely ‘the first day formalities’ are completed and you are expected to jump into action from the next day.

eastern book company internship, lucknnow

Main tasks at EBC

Interns are given diverse options for work. For interns, the work can be put into a dichotomy.

First half includes those works which continue for the complete duration of the internship. This would include making case briefs and other things (which I cannot disclose due to the confidentiality agreement) which I can safely assume that you won’t have a chance to learn and work upon at any other place.

The best part about this corpus of work was that the interns were ‘taught’ how to make a brief out of a brief. The supervisors taught us how to make your writing crisp and precise.

I in fact, for the first time in my life, briefed a hundred odd pages judgment in just two paragraphs. The second half includes the more exciting works. It includes making research on various topics of as delegated by the supervisors.

I would like to recount a few instances were intra-intern competitions were organised by the Managing Director himself. He would give an issue to research upon and prepare a report accordingly.

He would then personally go through all the reports and based on the merit of your report you would get proportionate rewards.

At another instance, we were asked to review two books for the Managing Director (Something that you won’t get to do everywhere).

First book was an authority in its filed (cannot disclose the name due to confidentiality agreement) while the second book was a new release.

After we completed our research, we were called upon to give individual presentation before the board of directors themselves (I would agree that the supervisors were of great help in motivating us for the official presentation before the board).

At yet another instance, the interns were given an opportunity to help research for litigation as well. The senior director personally instructed the supervisor to allow interns to participate in the research process for their benefit.

Even though I cannot give an itinerary of the work due to the confidentiality agreement, but one thing I can assure is that each and every task given to the interns was carefully chosen to make the learning, and also the work, as productive as possible.

Work environment, People.

The Work Environment at EBC was equally welcoming and also accommodating.

Interns were allowed to choose their lunch hours from the two available slots. People at EBC are very welcoming and equally particular about their work. T

hey have a sense of belongingness and a pride in their work. An intern is treated on the same footing as any other employee with the same rights and privileges. The supervisors were extremely co-operative and welcoming to the interns.

They allowed you to pester them with your doubts and queries regarding the delegated task. They would teach you when you made a mistake and appreciate you when you would do the task with dexterity and diligence.

At one occasion, the managing director organised a small seminar for the interns and researchers in his chamber where he personally taught us the idiosyncrasies of Law reports. The lunch hour was also very enjoyable.

All the employees used to have their lunch together in the mess. You could interact with someone who knew the law reporting inside out, you could interact with a person who has been reading Supreme Court judgments every single day for past many years of his life.

You could interact with engineers, with law students etc. There are some places where you would like to come again. I found EBC one of those places.


The good things AND the ‘not so good’ things

When you have so much to learn under one roof it becomes difficult to bifurcate in the above two categories. However, if I may make an honest attempt,

The good part about this internship, though not an exhaustive list, can be encapsulated as follows:

  1. The king of work you get to do in this internship. Such a kind of work cannot be expected to be available to an intern anywhere else considering the fact that you have just finished the first year.
  2. The diversity of work is also appreciable. This broadens the horizon of your learning.
  3. The volume of learning and skill acquisition that is possible through this internship.
  4. Highly interactive and accommodating internship

The not so good part can be the work duration which may appear to be quite exhaustive for a first year intern.

The amount of work may make you feel a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

The strict codes of conduct and the fact that you cannot use your cell phone for good part of the day can also be a “not so good” element of this internship.


“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world! -Neil Gaiman

As indicated earlier, the amount of skill acquisition in this internship is a stipend in itself.

If you’re considering stipend in the form of cash or currency then sorry you are at a wrong place. But if stipends mean something more real to you then the level of learning is a treat in itself.

However, EBC provides the interns, at the end of their internship, a letter of appreciation, books worth fifteen hundred and a month’s subscription of SCC Online.

All the best and happy Interning !


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